Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Erotic Truth Challenge

All goes everything...and then some!

1. The first time you had sex …

2. If you meet someone right now that is a 30 year old virgin, would you be willing to be their first?

3. Your thoughts on S&M..

4. If you were approached and offered to do one porno scene for $20,000, would you do it? and why?

5. She doesn’t suck dick/He doesn’t lick clits…is that a deal breaker?

6. Tell a story about how you would seduce someone you must have …

7. Write a letter to the best lover you’ve ever had..

8. What is your definition of rape? Date rape?

9. Does your religion/beliefs hinder your sexual expression?

10. A letter to the person you regret screwing .. tell em how you really feel…

11. Write a letter to the person you faked it with.. tell em why he/she didn't take you there once and for all…

12. A fantasy you want to fulfill

13. A fantasy you know you will never fulfill

14. Public sex: do or don’t?

15. Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex? tell the story..

16. You are invited to a party that turned into an orgy, you just arrived…what would you like to see?

17. You walk in your bedroom to find your lover deep in the sexual act with the same sex.. what do you do?

18. Tell a sexual triangle short story

19. Bukkake? your thoughts..

20. Tell a story of your most embarrassing sexual experience..

21. Make a music playlist you would like to get busy to …(name of artist, title of song, why you choose it)

22. Swinging… your thoughts…

23. Dom/Sub… sexy or just an excuse for men or women to abuse?

24. What is your definition of freaky?

25. What motivates you to hit your orgasmic peak during a masturbation session?

26. Anal sex? are you anal about it?

27. Your man/woman likes to have sex with the same sex. Are you willing to invite this into your bedroom? Why?

28. If you could get your hands on some dick/pussy right now, how would you want it?

29. What makes you sexy to YOU?

30. Write an erotic poem of your choice.. raunchy or classy.. bring it!!!

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