Monday, June 20, 2011

Landlord/Tenant Relations

What's up?  Disgruntled tenant here.  In the beginning, you and I got along just fine, but within the last year or so, you've really started to get under my skin.

I think there should be a course that lets a person know just because he owns more than one property doesn't make him a GOOD landlord.  He may be a landlord but not a GOOD one. 

First off, you have to take care of your property.  It isn't a good sign when one year, you were behind on payment of the water bill, and one of your properties got a bill for well over $800 dollars.  Now, heat and hot water is included in the rent.  How do you expect us to pay on time when you don't have your house in order?

Also, it doesn't help when the inspector kept finding flaws for you to fix or you would be fined, either.  And not having a handy person to constantly check to see if repairs are being made and being made properly or not.

Secondly, you have to remember if you agreed to make adjustments in a person's rental agreement.  Like, if a person said she had a pet, and you adjusted and initialed the rental agreement to allow her to bring the pet; you can't go back and cite that as a reason to attempt to evict her or ask to get rid of the pet.  Only when she provided proof of the very rental agreement you signed off on did you back off.

Third, you have to keep copies of any types of correspondence--phone, snail mail or E-mail your tenant sends to you regarding anything. 

For example, if she told you due to a tragedy in her family, there would be part of your rent paid on a specific date and the other part paid on another date, but you still bother her about when you are getting it, even though the letter had specific dates on it...did you throw away the letter or just not even read it?

Also, if she wrote you in advance to let you know one check was mailed out by mistake, but the second check was the one to process, but AFTER YOU PROCESS THE SECOND CHECK, you are still writing her to ask her about the first check, it seems a bit suspect.

You already got her money; in the memo of the second check, it said that the person was paying it on her behalf.  Why does it matter what is happening with the first check?  Why are you trying to get two rent payments?

Are the people working for you retarded?

Are you the retard?

Do you know nothing about managing your tenants' payments?

Or do you know exactly what you're doing and trying to get over?

I pray you are one of the three.  If you are the fourth, no good can come of what you are doing, and you will have karma coming to you. 

If you want karma coming sooner than later....

If you keep messing with one particular tenant...

Karma is going to come to you sooner rather than later.

You got the right one baby, uh huh!

And I'm out!

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