Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 10~I Luvs Ya'll; I Truly Do

10~ List 10 people you love and explain what they mean to you.

1. God: I would not be here not be as blessed if it were not for Him.

2. Grandpa: For being the epitome of what a true man should be. His quiet strength. Generous nature. Hard work. He was a man of few words, but when he spoke, they had meaning. Everyone stopped to listen. He was always willing to do a good deed, very helpful throughout the neighborhood. He had my back, always had faith in me. He was the father who stepped in when the other one never showed. I love him and miss him.

Mr. Issac Brown 1919-2011
3. Grandma: The woman I take the most after. Passionate, yet stubborn. Exuded strength internally and externally. Full of wisdom and insight. Hard working and proud. Short and didn’t take too much stuff. Trusted until you gave her reason not to; you have to go through near Hell to get it back. Through her life, she always instilled in me the importance of education, self-sufficiency and being your own person. She was my mother, raised me the best she could with little or no help.

Grandma & Me, February 2003
4. Uncle Butch: I can honestly say he is my favorite uncle. He always had a way to put a smile on your face even when one is feeling down. He is a people person; his energy draws people to him. He’s a man of peace and is not down for a lot of drama. He knows how to be responsible; if there is drama around him, he doesn’t let it cling to him.

5. Teianna: I feel as if she and I are Warrior Twins. I admire her resiliency, the way she writes, her expressive manner. Quiet voice, yet fiesty if messed with. Many storms from tornados to tsunamis are hurled your way, and although she gets weary and worn, she still stands. She’s always been there for me, and even though the distance between us is great, she never feels too far.

Love You, Pooh Bear!
6. Tracy: She is definitely a true diamond that never tarnishes. Although she and I have yet to meet each other and have conversed for years, I know that if I need her for anything, whether to work on a writing project with me, to laugh, to listen…whatever, she’s that “ride or die” chic. She is truly a kindred spirit and I’m so blessed to have known her for all these years. I’ll be even happier once she and I meet face to face. We definitely will have some stories to tell.

7. Regina: She is the light that blasts through when I start getting dark. The extra motivation I need to continue going. Like a cool drink of Old Fashioned Sweet Tea on a summer’s day. She reminds me not to get so caught up in being Superwoman. Even Superwomen need people to lean on every now and then. She is the lean; I love her for putting up with me; at times, my inconsistency can be a pain in the ass. Whenever I see this chic, I’m going to give her the biggest hug ever.

8. Zuberi: He and I have had our shares of storms….we are the shelter to each other. Ever since high school, nothing and no one has ever shattered our bond. Even if time and distance tried, we were never pried apart. The connection is deeper than outside forces can understand; friendship doesn’t seem to do it justice. I would rather call it a Soul-ship. You still stood when others left.  

9. Amanda:  I have not known her for long. I’ve only known her for about as long as I’ve known number 10. In fact, number 10 introduced me to her. She and I clicked right away and have not looked back since. We’ve been each other’s shoulder to cry on, counseled each other--there are no conditions associated with her love and friendship. I love her feisty spirit, outspoken nature, and her ability to give without expecting anything in return.

10. Michael:  When I wasn’t looking, he was there. Dried my tears. Eased my pain. Listen to my dreams, fears. I kept trying to push him away so many times--what could he have wanted with me? I admit putting his emotions through sheer Hell. He saw the many hours I put into my last job. He was with me when I had to be rushed to the hospital. When I got in my bad car accident that almost ended my life. Had my back when I got let go at my job. So many things to make someone run the other way. Yet a little over a year and a half later, he’s still remaining. Reminding me all this is only temporary, to keep fighting. Reminding me that I don’t have to be alone anymore. I have permission to lay down the burden, to not have to always be so strong…to let me know, it’s okay to be human. “If you can’t be human to everyone else, you can be human around me.” Through my connection with him, Love in its’ purest unconditional form is all around.

Thank you...because of & in spite

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