Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 9~Smooth Operator

9~ Tell us about the first time you ever made love (not had sex)

I could sit here and profess that the first time I ever made love was with my “first”. But you have probably picked up from my entries that is not the case.

I have to come at this question from another angle. I was not in love at the time this occurred. I did not even know if I loved the person when it happened. I know how good my body was made to feel and it was a slow brewing that escalated to a fiery inferno.

Freshman year of college. Just getting used to not being at home. I was still in MS but about an hour and fifteen minutes away. The older guys ascertaining the freshman girls; the freshman guys realizing that although they were big shots when they were seniors, they were nothing more than the dirt underneath the upperclassmen’s shoes.

Freshmen were not allowed visitation, but it didn’t stop them from trying.

That was how I encountered R.

One of my classmates was messing around with him at the time. She knew he had a girlfriend but didn’t care. She wasn’t looking for anything serious. She loved to talk about him; how smooth his voice was; how talented a musician. She mostly talked about his skills in the sac, especially his oral skills.

At this point, I had yet to experience this. I had given pleasure; at this stage of the game, very rarely…because T never made me feel comfortable. He would try to push my head there; once it was there, he kept trying to shove it down my throat and make me gag. As far as it being done in return, T wasn’t messing with it, no way, no how. I never expected it from a guy because T, nor the others, expressed a desire to do it.

Her talk about it did peak my curiosity. I wonder when I would meet him; she asked me if I’d play spades along with him and one other person. I didn’t have much to do; I had never played spades; I was curious about meeting him. So I agreed.

I needed an escape from thinking about T and M, who had tried to reappear in the picture but since I wasn’t at home anymore, I wasn’t convinced he would devote time to see me.

R was nothing like I envisioned. He was a big man; there was a lot to love. He carried himself with so much confidence, you could almost ignore his size. His voice was deep and carried an authoritative air about him. His lips were thick; if I had known the theory concerning pussy eating lips, I would have known he was an eater. Eyes were dark, intense; nose full as well.

I was surprised when he offered to team with me rather than my classmate. I was told how the game was played and we went about it. It was hard for me to concentrate because I felt his eyes on me. He was drinking me in, from how my chest went up and down with nervous energy…to the way he licked my lips. I had never been stared at so blatantly; it had me slightly unnerved. It was hard for me to meet his gaze for long periods of time. I lowered my head in submission, pretending to be focused on the cards when I was really focused on his lips.

What kind of tricks could those lips do? I had no right to wonder, and yet I couldn’t stop myself. I felt my cheeks flush with heat. Although I wasn’t saying a word, it was if my thoughts were being echoed throughout the room.

I looked back up; it was just my imagination, but I noticed that his eyes were now focused on my chest. Was he staring at my chest?

As if he heard my question, R nodded.

My classmate was sitting in the cut, checking out the action. She was more skilled than I, already realizing that R had desires for me. He had rarely glanced at her the whole game.

Soon, the game was over. Despite my being inexperienced, R and I won. I was quite pleased at the outcome. He was as well.

As I was getting ready to go upstairs to my room, he pulled me to the side and asked me which room was I staying in.

“Why you want to know?”

“Because I want to answer your question.”

“Which is?”

“What my lips feel like, so are you going to tell me or am I getting the info from your girl?”

I felt very awkward. I didn’t think it was right for him to approach me--he had a girlfriend and was having relations with my classmate.

The guilt must have shone in my gaze.

“You worried about her? She doesn’t care. If you want to ask her, I’m sure she will give the okay…but even if neither of you give me the info, I know all the Resident Assistants here; one of them will tell me what I need to know.”

My classmate pulled me over to the side, as if sensing what my conversation with R was about.

“It’s okay, you know. I’m about to stop fucking around with him anyway. He’s a bit too small for my tastes but I mean what I say about his oral skills. We still gone be cool; dick shouldn’t come between us girls, right?”

She winked and walked away.

I went back towards him.

“So what’s it gonna be?”

I told him the room number, but I didn’t think he was going to show. I thought R was making a big scene just because of the others there.

“Is your roommate going to be around?”

“No, she’s leaving for the weekend.”

“Okay, tell you what. I’ll be up later tonight. Just leave the door unlocked, or listen for the knock, so you will know it’s me.”

“Yeah,” I responded, still not believing that just like that, he was going to answer the question.

I went back towards my room. He left.

Hours later, I was winding down, getting ready for bed. I laid down; my eyes were just about to close when I heard knocking. I couldn’t remember whether I had locked the door or if I had kept it unlocked, anticipating he would show.

It must had been the latter because before I could reach the doorknob, he was inside.

My heart began to quicken.

What the fuck did I just get myself into?

As I was trying to decide, he locked the door behind him and sat next to me.

“Don’t be afraid; I just want to make you feel good.”

His hot breath scurried near the nape of my neck.

“Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen; the moment you tell me no, I will stop. But I don’t envision that word escaping from your lips tonight.”

His fingertips stroked my back as his lips and tongues wrecked havoc on the side of my neck. I could feel my rosebud thumping. His hands went underneath my shirt to cup my breasts.

“So big and full; I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these since I saw you.”

His lips and tongue lavished love upon my breasts, their valley, my stomach, my bellybutton….he got to the crotch of my panties and blew there.

My whole body shook.

“Just lay back; close your eyes….” he kept crooning and he took off my panties in one smooth movement.

He was a smooth operator. He had probably done this many times before.

I was so out of my element, but strangely, I welcomed the extreme from my routine.

All thoughts of T’s heartbreak escaped me as he drank me in. At first, it felt weird; my essence swelled so much. I did not think it could get so full. It was like water pushing against a dam, on the verge of collapse.

He would tease me, bring me to the point of explosion, and then stopped.

I moaned.

“Tell me you want me…”

What the hell? I wasn’t sure of what I wanted, except to know what his lips would feel like. As far as R himself, I didn’t know anything about him except what my classmate told me.

“Tell me, or I stop.”

Stopping is what I didn’t want, so I told him what he wanted.

He built me up again. Once again stopped.

R was driving me crazy. My swelling was starting to feel mad uncomfortable. I started to move; started to tell him to stop and to just leave.

Then, he clutched my thighs, spread them further apart. His rhythm changed, became faster and erratic. The sound of my heartbeat was in my ears; all over me. A small trickle became a stream, then a mighty, uncontrollable rhythm. I couldn’t bite back the moans which became amplified into groans and squeals. My body shook violently; it felt so good, but so torturous at the same time.

I attempted escape but he was twice my size. Way too strong. I was his prisoner. I couldn’t stop the stream…R got happy with it, started counting them out.

Smug bastard.

When he got to 42, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. My body surrendered, and that’s when R stopped. He did not even attempt to enter me. He held me as I slept. When I awoke, R partook of me again.

While my mind was baffled, my body was singing. I had a step and a bounce in it that had never existed before him, but he belonged to someone else. Probably had a reputation for just sexing women and leaving.

But for the first time in my life, I let myself be in the moment. During that weekend, he did not demand any sexual acts from me. He focused on pleasing me, doing what made me feel good. I felt made love to, although the words were never spoken.

It was a weekend of magic.

Monday came. I resumed with normal routine. I had accepted I couldn’t be with R; I didn’t even push the issue.

However, as R would claim, there must have been “Love Potion” in my pussy. He couldn’t get me out of his head. Wherever I was, he would be close by. He pursued me heavily, said he had to have me. I questioned his ability to be faithful; he told me the other females were chickens. He felt I was the real deal; he would do right by me.

I wasn’t buying it. I didn’t want to be another name in his list of many. I stood my ground. I told him if he was so big and bad; if he really was in love with me and thought it was the real deal, to drop his girlfriend cause I wasn’t going to be his mistress.

If I had known then what I know now about R, I would have let his girlfriend have at him. But I did not believe he would actually drop her. But not even a week went by before he dropped her and he came to me, proclaiming his love. Even his boys had noticed the change in him; I was the chic he couldn’t stop raving about.

I gave him a shot. About three weeks into it, I met his family, got introduced to the church home he was a part of.

About a month after that, he was on bended knee and in front of dang near the entire campus, asked me to be his wife.

Yeah, I ended up being engaged to R. What happened after that isn’t one for the faint of heart. But I will thank him for giving me the best lovemaking session of my life and for pleasing me during the moments when things were good with us.


ConstantStateOThought said...

Wow! Just wow! I love when I can read something and feel like I'm in the moment, though I know I have NEVER experienced what you did. I just finished this same entry, and mine might depress some people lol. I love this blog girlie! Can't seem to get enough of the way you write. These blog challenges are making me think heavily about what I want to do when I get myself back into school. I'm almost 35 years old, but I figure now is better than never to do what I love. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I think it's time to do something with it. I have all you ladies to thank for the fact that I'm thinking about it again, so...thank you personally Monica! ;)

No Labels said...

You're quite welcome. I like your style, too...a collaboration perhaps? Give it some thought (smiles).