Monday, January 29, 2007

Top 20 Faux Paus...

People wondering why Rainbow ain't the same no' mo'
Seems like I keep sayin' the same thing
Countless times before...

But just because it's a brand new year
Don't mean any mess
Has a home around here
Seems like I've gotta set the tone
To keep makin' things clear....

In a lot of cases, the saying goes...New Year, New Rules. But there are some basic things that remain the same.

And rather than have you folks backtrack to find my etiquette blog, I will reinterate some things.

To those who have been around since the beginning, thank you for continuing to show your love, devotion, or just wanting something to marinate on...whatever moves you, thanks for stopping by.

For the new peeps that have stopped by within the past month, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope that what I have to say won't scare some of you away.

Here are the 20 Faux Paus...aka Best Not to Do that If you are REALLY trying to get to know me:

(in no set order)

20. Try to hit me up when you have no pic or no description on your profile. (You automatically get the reject; I do my research and I do check to see if there are any saying you are a "dyke" but your gender is "male")

19. Be racist against homosexual/lesbian relationships (preach your hate message elsewhere; my spot is not your battlefield)

18. Be racist against anyone who is "not caucasian" (same rules applies from 19)

17. Get familiar with me to the point where you call me "yo nigga" or "yo bitch"; I consider those derogatory terms and I will not respond to them whether you are saying them anger or in some form of greeting; either figure out my name and if you don't know it, you can ask.

16. Send IM messages when either we have never spoken before or you tried to speak to me but I rejected you, or if I do reject you, ask me repeatedly why I did so

15. Badger me every day twice a day about responding to your blog, especially when you haven't had the decency to respond to one of mine's, and I never get worked up over who reads my blogs and who doesn't...I'm just writing to express myself.

14. Talk to me with alterior motives (aka wanting to freak me)

13. Talk to me without reading some essential information on my profiles (a. Am involved--even on the My Space page, my status does say "in a relationship" b. Skip over the fact that I am into women..and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together c. Don't acknowledge that I not only write, I have self published two books, currently putting the final touches on book number 3 and 4)

12. Ask for my phone number, where I live, or wanting to see me within the first thirty seconds of us chatting....(just take it easy; if it gets to that point, then it will...don't come up on me like gang busters)

11. Send me nude pictures without me asking to see them first. As much as I love how the nude body looks, let me see your face, your smile, you in your normal form before you dare to bear all. Think about if the computer was absent; would you automatically expose yourself before even talking to the person? I wouldn't; would you?

10. Or if you have gotten comfortable enough to show that to me, I admit...I do like tasteful images, and certain things aren't tasteful to me, such as cum shots, close ups of someone sucking dick, close ups of ass holes, and even close ups of pussy lips doesn't do it for me...sometimes, a simple nipple becoming hard works. Or hints of cleavage showing through a shirt...full monty isn't always needed .

9. Get very upset if I don't always call you.

For those who have my number, consider yourselves lucky; I don't give my number out to everyone. But my schedule is extremely busy and unorthodox and trust me, it's not that I've forgotten about you or playing games with you; my schedule is just crazy and will be like that until I get my 9 to 5...but until then, know that I will get back to you as soon as I have a moment beyond eating, going to the restroom, and sleeping.

8. Threaten to kill me (guess that should be number one, but I'm not doing these in order) or even joke about killing me (I've been in an abusive relationship where someone tried to do that to even if it is said in a joking way, it will never be a joke to me.)

7. Smoke around me. Now I do have friends that smoke, but I just ask that they don't do it around me because I have a reaction to it (this goes for not only cigarettes but cigaweed...if you get what I mean)

6. Lie to me about who you are or your situation (like you look one way and turn out another; single when you are involved with someone who is easily jealous)

5. Stand me up on an initial meeting. (I have been through this more times than not and I rather the person just be honest than be a no-show. A couple of instances has cost me money-one even the cost of a plane ticket. Just be considerate, aiight?)

4. Do any type of drugs around me that involve snorting or shooting (but of course that goes along with the whole being honest with me about how you are). Because nine times out of ten you wouldn't even be on my list if I read that you do illegal stuff like that.

3. Send me spam messages (money, sex, etc.); I may consider you spam and all my spam gets deleted; I don't know about yours.

2. Use any of my poetry that I write without my permission. Otherwise, my not being your friend will be the least of your worries .

1. Be superifcial...phony shows up a lot quicker than you may realize.


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