Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride Update

One of the first updates is that as of August 26th, I said farewell to Tiny Tim. Initially, I had given up hope that anyone would want to give anything for Him. For a 22 year old car (He was a 1988 Ford Escort), He ran as best He could. There were screeching noises ( could have been the timing belt or something more advanced). With Tiny, the situation always leaned towards worst case scenario. Almost $1500 had already been placed into something that I only paid one-third of the amount.

Car shopping was a very trying process. I could only spare about $900 to invest towards buying a car outright or a down payment. But many car dealers don't even consider unemployment income as income, and if one were working, you would have had to place a certain amount of time in beforehand. Just when I was about to delay my hunt until later when I could save up more money, I saw an ad for this place that said unemployment was all right.

I personally thought it was b.s. until I got to the place and saw they had some pretty nice things to choose from. And to make a long story short, the picture is the end result. I just still haven't quite figured out what to name it yet. Besides having to have a new mirror glued on the passenger side and to check oil/brakes and what not, it's a pretty cool ride.

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