Thursday, May 21, 2009

Therapy & Dr

There are days when I wish my therapy sessions were longer. You would think an hour would be enough....sometimes when you are feeling extra burdened, I think there should be an extra thirty minute allowance.

There was so much I wanted to talk about. The situation at my job was at the forefront, although in reality, it is the situation that needed to be talked about the least. My therapist noticed that I was a bit worn and she asked me how come, hence is why it ended up at the forefront.

By the time we were about to get to the meat of the matter, the infamous words "Time is up."

Almost like you're baking a pot roast and waiting for the timer to go off. (But a good with the meat melting type pot roast is always best in a slow

I have a doctor's appointment in a bit. I want something to get past this sickness quicker. I know in about a week or so it will go away on its' own. But because of the intensity and crackheadedness of my work schedule, I won't really get a chance to get the rest I it's best that I try to get something to nip this in the bud.

Plus a refill on my meds wouldn't be so bad, since I have yet to find a steady psychiatrist on my end as well.

Until I'm around again.


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