Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Results Are In

I had my dr. appt. earlier today. She found that I had a respiratory infection that was threatening to spread to my lungs. She gave me a very powerful antibiotic to stop the imminent threat. Only bad side is that the store will have to find someone else to fill in as closing driver, since the drugs impair my ability greatly to drive. Also she says that I should take it easy so that the drugs can work like they are supposed to. Then I can start on the other antibiotics, which will be my normal regiment, until the infection is cleared out completely.

I found out that the random itchy spot on my left arm was eczema so she also prescribed cream for it..she said it should clear up on its' own.

She put in for refills for my medicine as well but because my funds are a bit low right now, I opted to pick those up on Tuesday.

That is the only downside for me going to Vegas...some of the fun funds I used I did take out of my emergency it's back to rebuilding and replenishing.

But my funds aren't the only one that need the reality check.

Yes, I do notice fingers are pointing back at me on this one.

And I'm out to follow Dr.'s orders.


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