Monday, November 26, 2007

Soul Cleanse 12: Thanksgiving Takes

Computer was messing up...meant to put this up before Thanksgiving rolled in; although the Thanksgiving weekend is over with, still feel moved to put this up...

I'm not quite sure where this is going or where it's going to end up. I just needed to write.

I still find it amazing as well as disappointing that as soon as Halloween's over with, Christmas is splattered all over the place.

Not that I have anything against Christmas (it's my 2nd favorite holiday) and wanting to get into the spirit early. But I find it disturbing that in so many instances, Thanksgiving is overlooked.

I'm not talking about the events of Thanksgiving. I'm sure the Native Americans don't want to relive the things that happened. One moment, Pilgrims and Indians are feasting. Next minute, the Indians get robbed.

So I'm surprised they didn't have an uprising sooner about how they are depicted in Thanksgiving plays, specials, events, parades, etc.

I'm talking about the giving spirit as a whole. Helping out your own spirit, your neighbor, even a stranger.

Although in some cases, our fear and paranoia may be justified, I have a strong belief that the average human being really doesn't want to cause harm to other people. Maybe he's longing for the same type of treatment you would like to receive. Maybe she is wondering why the world isn't more kind and more loving.

How many of us really stop to give praise and thanks?

Or what's worse--how many of us stop and give thanks but do things that are opposite to being thankful? That it is mainstream or formal talk--things you are supposed to say because it is expected?

How many of us really practice empathy?

I'm not talking about sympathy. I believe that everyone has the ability to express sympathy on some level.

But not everyone knows how to empathize. And no, sympathy and empathy do not always go hand in hand.

I know people who are great sympathizers but are lousy at being empathetic...and vice versa.

Or even worse, some people try to compare one pain as being more than another. Or trying to generalize the pain different people are feeling.

In some instances, pain should just be personal, not to be compared to anyone or anything else. It is almost condescending to be like "everyone goes through it" or "everyone has problems but they can still do this and do that".

Sure we are all human but we do not function the same.

There are people that lose their jobs and aren't able to cope.

There are others that say, "Phuck that job! I was needing some vacation time anyway!"

There are people who can work 50,60,70 hours a week and still have time to chew the fat with friends, take care of their children, see who's taking ish on line, phuck their husbands or wives for half an hour, check e-mail, look at reality shows, and never miss a beat.

And then there are those that can't.

But I don't think that makes them any less human, any less strong, or less unfeeling. For some, tragedy makes the world stop. You lose track of time, and when you finally get functioning again, you are amazed by what has gone on in your absence.

But for others, tragedy is like a commercial break--annoying but necessary for local networks...because someone has to pay the bills. And maybe those others can skip through the commercials on their player until next thing they know, they realize that it's their lives that are on display.

I slightly digress....

The point I am trying to make is the concept of Thanksgiving should be practiced everyday. As people, we should focus less on comparing one pain or another. Focus less on clumping all crises in one big boiling pot and calling it "the crosses we all bear."

And focus more on simply saying that whether life is storming or calm, you will be there.

But if you can't be there, don't lie and say you can. There's no shame in it. Some people aren't built that way; with some, the moment the weather is no longer fair on both ends, they are off chasing after some other sunshine.

Doesn't make them less make them more human than one may think. And it's a blessing in disguise although it may not seem that way in the beginning.

So I am thankful:

1. To my mother, for not letting my dad abort me, even though a lot of times, she expressed that she wish she had. And for reminding me of the type of woman I don't want to be like.

2. To my grandmother, one of the strongest, wisest and most intuitive women I know. I get a lot of my traits from her, except that fire behind my temper, which I get from my

3. To my grandpa, for his never ending kindness, his great ability to empathize, for serving in WWII, and knowing that there is a time to be silent and a time to wile the hell out. I know you wanted to kill that man for hurting me, but he's getting his...thanks for putting it in God's hands instead of your own.

4. To M, for being there for me. Although you came along during the worst time of my life and saw me at my worst before my best, you stuck by me. I wouldn't have blamed you if you left--I wasn't easy then. And things aren't easy now, but sunshine is at the end. I'm still here, just wanted to let you know.

5. To S, for being so expressive in art. Still stumped that your passion at times can not resonate in your words and sometimes your actions. That's the Gemini streak...don't get worked up or anything but despite all the toxic stuff that has happened within you and around you, I have gotten a glimpse of what could be if for just once, you wouldn't have to control everything. Sometimes you have to give to get what you want...friendship included.

6. To Tei, for reminding me that I don't have to be Superwoman for everyone else but I have the right to be a Superwoman for Me . You feel me when no one else understands and more often or not, write the things that sizzle in my brain waiting to come out.

7. To C, sorry that I've had to cancel out on you the last time. But thanks for being understanding. I still have your post b-day gifts...may as well add it to the Christmas stuff.

8. To Jameellah (yeah I used your govt a prob, you know where I stay), you are always RIGHT ON TIME, whether you realize it or not. And your two lil ones are always a there a law in the universe that babies express their joy in relation to how much drool spills out...if that's the case, Lil Ol Soul must love me a

9. To Mahogany, 08 we gone have to do that trip--either I go down there, you come up here, shyt maybe we can meet in the DC...that's Although got a project with you in mind, top secret, G14 classified stuff.

10. To Karma, congrats on all your success and your move. Things just keep getting better for you; I thank you for being so understanding with my crazy schedule. Not ignoring your blogs, just gotta take time to sit, read, and listen.

11. To Bornn, for knowing I ain't easy, but being patient. Just being who you are and for the person that I see in the making.

12. To the people who have come and just as quickly left--the lessons they have taught me.

13. To my enemies, who remind me there must be some good stuff about me because I keep them talking. Besides, even haters need to have a purpose.

14. For the customer that always gives me a book once he completes reading it. I treasure each and every one.

15. For the Target guy who also gets his hustle on. For hooking me up with some stuff free of charge for my birthday.

16. For those that say that being thick is all right.

17. For those that say being natural is all right.

18. For those that don't clutch their purses when I enter the room.

19. For those that don't ask me if I want something 10 seconds after I enter.

20. To all the wacky folks I work with at the job. Having such a myriad of personalities that meld well makes them feel like a second I thank them for continuing to keep life/work interesting, even when the customers, at times, are extremely emotionally tiring...

And for anyone I forgot to give thanks to, trust me, it was not intentional.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend.

Be easy.


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