Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Soul Cleanse 6: My Take on Haterade

It has been a minute since I've been on. Mainly because Verizon and I were doing battle (aka they couldn't keep my service working on a consistent basis) in the end, they had to send me out a new modem, so I didn't get fully set up until yesterday.

Some exciting stuff (or stuff I found amusing) awaited me. Not in my 360--one of the things I have liked about 360 so far is that with the exception of the homophobic, guys that want threesomes, married couples that want to experiment type variety, I haven't gotten too much off the wall stuff. It's the typical little drama that all you have to do is delete or ignore the person and keep on going.

Out of respect, I'm not going to say any names because I know this person wants to put the whole embarrassing thing behind her.

But I wanted to address it not because I'm mad but because I know a lot of my peeps have been dealing with Haterade...wondering what to do with it.

I will spit on my experience first.

Like I said, I haven't been on my computer in a minute.

I usually gravitate to 360, Yahoo Mail, My Space, and Facebook in that order. Sometimes, I get so busy doing stuff with the first two that I don't get to My Space or Facebook.

So I almost didn't go to My Space until this person hit me up on my Messenger and was told me to give her a call...and when I did, she sounded stressed and then she told me something referring to a message that was sent to me.

So now I'm really confused.

So I go to My Space and my mailbox.

I was like wtf??? and then I just started laughing.

You see, apparently the chic (I will refer to her as S) gives off a flirtatious aura. I keep telling her that but does she listen to me...nooooo.....

So much so that a woman that she has not even met has gotten dibs on her. That is what Madea Mabel Simmons refers to as "The Power".

And this mystery woman felt she had to give me a "woman to woman" (but she spelled it women to women) talk, telling me to stay away and what not.

I laughed because if you are going to threaten me, at least spell your words right. Chica older than me coming at me like a nine year old.

Second of all, she should get her facts right--because just because I treated my friend to a wonderful birthday celebration, and just because she and I are both lesbians doesn't mean there was any fucking involved.

Maybe in everyone else's world, all of that equates to fucking, but there is something in the world call restraint, and a few of us have it. I refuse to believe that S and I are the only two that do.

I didn't even respond back to her. I just put her on block, but did keep the note as a remind me of Haterade.

It doesn't matter how good of a person you are, you will get Haterade. In fact, Haterade will happen to you more so than other people.

Because Haterade isn't attracted to other people's negativity. It feeds on positive energy. It gains no victory in tearing folks down who are already hitting rock bottom. It is when you are at the top of your game when there's a chance for the greatest spoils.

That's when the Haters are all in your ear--telling you what you should be doing, what you shouldn't be doing, why you aren't all of that, etc.

And be careful--they can be disguised as your friends...hell they are probably saying, "I'm trying to help you" and "It is in your best interest."

If you look out of the corner of your eye and glimpse even a small smirk, a secret gleam, then you know that there is a Hater behind that mask of friendship.

But most of the Haters I have been in contact with are people I rarely know--poets, people rolling their eyes on the street, and this chic (who don't know me from eve)...who saw S having a good time and flipped out.

The key is don't even put out the energy to do some combating.

Only difference is if you are trying to get your name out there for business and such...establishing yourself professionally, and then I would be like, "Choose your battles wisely."

But for the most part, don't even give the Haters the satisfaction that they got under your skin. In fact, do the opposite. Smile. Or if you can't help but reply, you can be like, "I'll take that under advisement." Or "Thank you for increasing my energy, now hate on me some more so I can become even better than I already am."

Cause Haters, in the fact that they are giving you so much of their energy, attention, and venom, prove that there must be something special about you. That for the most part, you are doing something right....

Unless you are out there doing bad shyt and making that case, watch your back because it is called Karma....and with that I can't help you.

So I must be doing some things right. I must be a lot prettier and fiercer than I originally thought. There must be sex waiting for me in the universe...

Never mind that last part.

But just saying all that to say all this (as well as Katt Williams/and that new song by Jill Scott):

Hate on me.


P.S. S, I ain't mad at cha. But you got some crazy peeps, yo. Perhaps it's the heat...that's going around a lot these days.

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