Sunday, June 9, 2024

When Visibility Brings Forth Division


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Greetings. I hope all are doing well.

For those who frequent my blog, particularly from its origins, you know where I stand on some core issues.

I believe that "Love is Love", and I am not the judge, jury, or executioner on how that is dealt with spiritually.

I am more concerned with whether harm comes to people, especially children, no matter what community.

Multiple thoughts can be true at the same time.

I do not resonate with organized religion, but I believe in and practice spirituality. One can be part of a religion, go to church, and still be spiritually corrupt. However, believing in spirituality doesn't translate into not believing in science. To be frank, I think that science and spirituality work together, not against each other.

That's a topic for another day.

We are in a climate with chaotic temperatures. I'm not just talking about physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Growing up, I was taught to be an individual and a free thinker. It was okay to question things that I did not understand. My attitude was not to disprove or to shame anyone's thought process. It was more to gain knowledge and then decide for myself.

I am noticing, especially in the past few years and particularly with a certain community that has gained a massive spotlight, that if I dare have questions, I am met with defensiveness, hostility, insults, and accusations of being (insert) phobic.

I cannot even have a dialogue to understand a point of view.

For the few who answered my questions, and I opted to disagree, there would be anger, aggressiveness, and various attempts to change my mind. Noncompliance with the radical rhetoric led to my allegiance to that community being questioned.

This is outrageous and offensive, given the number of friends, associates, and even family members, who are part of said community.

Yet, it isn't the vast majority who have given me pause.

It's the radical minorities that have become the community's voice.

Because of their visibility, it has caused hostility when the community had made strides in becoming more accepted by those who are heterosexual.

On top of that, the radicals have convinced the majority to redefine the word woman and what womanhood is.

How can a political party say "science is real" and "we should believe in the science" be the same one that looks confused when asked, "What is a woman?"? 

Does that mean biology is false?

Last I checked, biology is still classified as science.

Last I checked, my biological makeup is that of a woman.

Why is there a debate as to whether I should be called a woman?

Not "cis". Not "non-man". Woman.

Also, why do people who want to be women choose the most stereotypical representation to mimic? Not all of us wear heavy makeup. Not all of us are into fashion. Not all of us like shopping. We are not a monolith only fashioned by the male gaze. It's perturbing.

What's even more perturbing is when some are saying they are "changing" when they are (1) not going through the process and (2) just throwing on a wig, makeup, and a dress just to get access to women's spaces.

Yet, that isn't getting talked about, especially the dangerous precedent it sets. Especially for women who have been DV'd and SA'd by men. I speak from experience.

There is also this fascination with children.

Just because one doesn't want to dress in the stereotypical representations of boys' and girls' clothing doesn't mean that transition is the answer. There are still changes taking place, and permanent medical decisions should not be made by children.

The medical community isn't placing safeguards; they just take what's being said at face value. The medical professions that promote this do not always disclose all of the risks, some of which are irreversible. The number of stories expressing regret is not a coincidence. This isn't advocacy for children; this is doing the exact opposite. 

Pushing an ideology in school before a child can even learn their ABCs is wild. When did it become wrong to let children be children? When did the parents not have a role in what their child should and should be learning? When did it become okay for schools not to inform parents?

These are the things I wonder about that I'm not given an answer to. Or the answer makes zero sense. 

Since attempting to understand has been met with resistance by the radical minority, I am no longer going to try. To force someone to think like you think sounds very much like cult behavior, and I am not with that at all. I'm perfectly fine with "agreeing to disagree" and leaving it there.

For those who are not fine with that ... um, that sounds like a "you" problem.

If that leads to me being "cast out", that isn't the insult or gotcha moment you seem to think it is. My moniker is "No Labels Unleashed" for a reason, and I've moved to my own drum for a while.