Saturday, November 11, 2023

My Musings: 6-10

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Hello again. It is the rare two posts in one day, but I am a person of my word.

Now, on with the reflections ...

I miss receiving something in the mail that isn't an advertisement, a bill, or a catalog. I miss receiving electronic correspondence that isn't advertisements, bills, due date reminders, or spam.

Perhaps it's because I'm an artsy type. Or because I like to write. Maybe it's because I didn't have technology for part of my life. Whatever the reason, I received great joy from receiving a greeting card, postcard, or letter. When I had access to the Internet, there was no greater sound than "You've got mail." The mail was usually a note, just a more modern way of communicating without the wait time of the U.S. Postal Service. There was a marvel in those moments. There was excitement. It's something that generations after me don't give credence to because it's always existed.

Receiving mail (physical or electronic) doesn't provide those same feelings. It can produce anxiety (if it's a bill), annoyance (if it's a credit card advertisement you're not interested in), confusion (how did they get my address), or an additional task on the to-do list (recycle, organize, delete).

Maybe I'll revisit the whole pen pal concept, but for now, I'm nostalgic for when communication was simpler.

I miss the days when a phone was just a phone.

Now, the majority of phones operate like a mini-computer and cost as much as a laptop. The technological strives are impressive but it comes at the cost of being able to navigate in social situations. One cannot hear voice inflections in text ... whether one is serious or joking. Context can be lost or misrepresented. It can make navigating conversations difficult. More often than not, the phone operates as a distraction. One plays games, checks out the latest (insert app here), looks at videos, listens to music, reads emails ... everything except being present and engaging with those in proximity. 

There are those out there that just offer the basics. For now, I focus on activities that take me away from overly using my phone, take Social Media breaks, and have Do Not Disturb times set on my phone.

Unpopular opinion: Everything doesn't have to be inclusive.

There is so much to this.

When I was growing up, there was significance in standing out. Being competitive was to be expected. It was understood that there were winners and losers, and that was okay. It was okay that someone was highlighted even if it meant others weren't.

That isn't the reality anymore. It isn't doing anyone any favors. What it is doing is stunting personal growth and delaying the life lessons they would have learned anyway.

Life isn't always fair or just. You won't always achieve what you've set out to do. That should be learned early. You shouldn't receive your first "no" when you're 25.

Also, when everyone receives a trophy, that takes away a goal for someone to ascribe to. What is the use of doing it correctly if the person who is doing it incorrectly is going to get the same medal? What is the drive for doing it well, if at all?

Changing one's mind is not a crime.

There are many factors where changing one's mind is not only okay but expected. It can be based on time, circumstance, growth, healing, more research, and those beliefs no longer align with how one lives life. There are many topics that I've allowed fluidity, changed my stance, or just abandoned altogether. It doesn't have to be extreme. Most shifts, for me, have been subtle.

Learning a new language has as many quirks as one's native language.

I have been re-learning Spanish through an app. Some rules are straightforward; others are just as wonky as what's in the English language. Some shorter words in English (like pen) are extremely long in Spanish. I am having fun since the app combines learning and gaming. Plus, the lessons aren't long, and it's a great way to keep my brain busy.

Gosh, will you look at the time? I have a few other things to do today, so I will close for now. Take care everyone.

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