Friday, December 24, 2021

31 Days of Journaling: Days 20 thru 24


Hello everyone! The Unleashed One here. I know there are some people who do not celebrate Christmas so I hope that saying Happy Holidays covers most of them.

This week has been a whirlwind of a time, so for brevity, and because there are some other activities I have planned later on today, I'm going to take each day and focus on the top 5 "takeaways". 

Day 20

📌 My get up and go wants to stay in the bed during the winter months. I decided to wait until after work to go to the gym.

📌 It was at around noon that my brain asked my body if it really felt up to going to the gym in the afternoon ... on a Monday. I remembered I was just doing Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps, and I've got weights.

📌 I'm halfway through the 30 day supply of Amberen. It's a medication that helps with perimenopausal symptoms. I'm not sure if it is helping with the bloating but I haven't had any night sweats.

📌 This is one of those times when I wish my period would show up already. The cravings are here. The slight overconsumption of said craving is here (this month it is Reese's Dipped Pretzels that I've mainly been able to find at Wawa). But the period is not. It will be just my luck if it pops up on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

📌 After not being able to get in touch with the recommendation Jazz gave me for my BDD, I had some downtime at work to do some research. I saved the links. I am hopeful because one of the places takes my insurance.

Day 21

📌 The struggle was real in figuring out what to wear. In the end, I decided to wear the long red shirt with the split with my fuzzy leggings with the skull design. It gave me an excuse to wear the silver skull jewelry ... wait, I've never needed an excuse to wear those.

📌 The weather was cold. The arthritis was acting a fool. It's expected. My joints always throb when the temperature gets below freezing. Yet I was determined to get to the gym today, even if it's on a Tuesday afternoon after work.

📌 I hope the Japanese place is nice. Jazz and I have never gone to it. Although it advertises hibachi, I'm unsure whether it will have all of the hibachi antics because of everything happening with the pandemic. Or whether it's reserved for dinner rather than lunch. Tomorrow, either way, it will be nice for Jazz to get a break from the routine of work, errands, and the house. I was glad the time-off got approved, even though I put it in at the last minute.

📌 I remembered to reach out to Dr. Dhillon about my refill on the injections and that they arrive on time with all of the holiday shipping happening. Worse case, I'll just do a brand new cycle.

📌 Jazz and I finally wrapped up looking at all of the previous Matrix movies ... to get our minds fresh heading into the new one. I am excited to see Keanu but honestly, didn't see the need or the zest to have a 4th Matrix. Not sure if I am in the minority or the majority who believed that the Matrix as a trilogy was perfection. 

Day 22

📌 I capitalized on rest, focused on doing my circuit at home. I did not want to be in too much pain leading up to the hibachi lunch.

📌 I was feeling good in my body today. I wasn't rocking my traditional look, but I loved how it all came together. Since I'm only going to have it on for a few hours, I'll probably turn around and wear it the next day.

📌 Jazz had the hibachi calamari. I had the chicken. Overall, the food was good. I was impressed by how well I did with picking up the chicken and the vegetables with the chopsticks. I wasn't so smooth with the rice.

📌 The location we went to in Bensalem was nice. However, the ambiance was ruined by the very loud people on the other side of the restaurant. Not just loud, like having a good time. Like, obnoxiously loud, to the point where we didn't even stay for dessert but just wanted to get away from the noise. 

📌 I had the strange craving for an Oreo blizzard. I haven't craved Dairy Queen in about a decade or so. The one in Bensalem was closed so we traveled to one in Hamilton. Funny enough, we had driven on that street before and didn't even notice one was on the corner. The lady was very kind and told us that she's going to be a grandma. Jazz had a medium-sized one; I had a small one. A calorie-dense indulgence but well worth savoring.

Day 23

📌 I opened up my e-mail to an announcement I predicted was coming. Due to the new virus variant, we have been placed back on a hybrid schedule. They say it is just for two weeks. Probably in the hopes that the majority of the outbreaks will have decreased by then. Honestly, I am happy we are going back to hybrid; I believed it was way too soon for all of us to be in the vicinity at the same time, especially with some people who are not vaccinated.

📌 On Monday, someone tested positive, but they didn't notify anyone until Wednesday. When I was at work today, we got word that someone tested positive. Every other day, since we've been back on-site full time, someone has tested positive.

📌 I am glad I didn't bring my lunch, since we got released early. I played catch-up with my work while avoiding the headlines that the latest Matrix was bad. I didn't look at any YouTube videos except for one guy who gave his reaction as he left the theater. He didn't provide any spoilers but did say it wasn't good. I did tell Jazz that I was tempted for us to give it a look on HBO Max, and if it even acted un-Matrix-like, I was going to cancel going on Christmas Eve.

📌 There weren't too many people in the gym, but I decided to train my chest and back today since I wanted to do a longer leg workout for Friday.

After I got changed from the gym and settled in, Jazz and I prayed to the creative gods that the magnificence of The Matrix would be held intact. 

Let's just say about forty-five minutes into the movie, I went on my AMC app and canceled my tickets. I am not providing any spoilers, but even Keanu giving it his all couldn't save it. It. Was. Just. Bad. Also, because of the way it ended, I predict there's going to be more, and this rendition I'm taking a hard pass on. Oh, well! There's always John Wick.

Day 24

📌 The serenity of being in the gym when there are little to no people. It's hard to describe ... one would just have to experience it. 

📌 I got back to the house, showered, and got changed. Other people had the same idea we did ... grocery shopping in the morning. Luckily, we were able to get everything we needed in one place and didn't have to go anywhere else.

📌 There was a discussion going back and forth between a lady in front of us and a lady behind us. The lady in front of us was fussing about the lack of lanes open (at that point, there were only 2, maybe 3), kept saying it was "poor management". The lady behind us countered, stating that "it's not always management. Maybe they were not as busy the previous year". The lady in the front wasn't convinced. Jazz finally said that it was a mess. I didn't say anything. I know that from the customer's standpoint, it always boils down to poor management. Since I've been the customer and management, I know that it's not that cut and dried. 

📌 This morning, I had something new ... protein eggnog pancakes. They came out rather fluffy and a bit sweet (but not in a bad way). I used even less syrup than I normally do and topped the pancakes with bananas. I definitely wouldn't mind having them again.

📌 My search for the fully fuzzy boot continues. The ones I got from Just Fab didn't have enough room in the toe, and the next size up was sold out 😞😞😞. Off to the land of returns it goes.

I won't be blogging tomorrow. Catch everyone on Sunday!


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