Friday, December 17, 2021

31 Days of Journaling: Days 16 & 17


Hello to all! The Unleashed One here. I hope most of your week has been going well. Just before I retire for the evening, I'd like to give you a recap of the events of yesterday (the 16th) and today (the 17th).

Day 16

I made the tough decision to return one of my beauty investments. I say investment because it is more than I would spend on items for my face. However, there were such wonderful reviews as to how effective it was for all types of skin. More importantly, it is targeted at people of color.

I first tried the product about a while back when I first noticed significant changes in my skin. Although I did not have a huge problem with acne my teenage years, I started experiencing lots of acne episodes. The dermatologist I was seeing chalked it up to a hormonal imbalance and put me on some prescription topical aides to assist. 

When there wasn't much improvement, the dermatologist suggested that I go with cleansers and moisturizers that were simple, so they wouldn't counteract with the topical medications. Once my skin had adapted, then she told me I could start adding other products.

During the spring and summer, I had a skincare system that worked rather well but lost its effectiveness once the temperatures got cooler.

I'm not sure if other people have this struggle. During the spring and summer, my face is more of a combination/oily mix, so too much moisture is the enemy. In the fall and winter, my face becomes more of a combination/dry mix, so it seeks moisture to protect it from the elements.

It is annoying because I have not found a regimen so far that works for me through the entire season. 

Once I ran out of my spring/summer routine, I decided to wait until my previous beauty investment was on sale. During the holiday season, it did, so I went ahead and purchased the cleanser, toner, and night cream.

Within a week of using the product, I noticed that the acne was returning. I wanted to do research to see if any other people had experienced more breakouts and irritation with the skin while using the product. I didn't see anything on their website, so I went to YouTube to see if anyone had done reviews on the line of products I was using.

As luck would have it, there were individuals that were having the same problems due to a type of acid in the product that is too harsh for sensitive skin.

I checked their website to see if I was eligible to get a refund. Turns out I would be, if I get the items back to them within 30 days.

I am not going to divulge the name of the company because I may be in the minority where the products' ingredients impact my skin negatively. It just sucks because now, I have to figure out what is going to be the perfect fall/winter line to go with. At this rate, I may have to go back to what I used to use growing up: Noxzema.

I didn't go to the gym but did do some of my workout routine at the house using my barbell and dumbbells. I am continuing to do the sets on the Total Gym in solidarity with Jazz's 30-day challenge.

Although the argyle sweater and houndstooth trousers from Shein were a fail, the stuff I received from them yesterday was a success. I am excited about the rainbow sweater; I just have to figure out what day I'm going to wear it. Maybe one day next week. There was also another sweater I got. The design is a departure from what I'm drawn to, but it works well with the pants I purchased to match. I'm definitely going to wear that this coming Wednesday.

The leg warmers are cute. They aren't as thick as they looked in the picture, but you can only expect so much for less than five bucks, I suppose. 

I've decided to utilize sleep for some recovery and go to the gym after work as opposed to before work on Friday.

Until the next day.


lol ... I have clothes on under here, I promise

Day 17

It's Friday ... or as many would say, Fri-yay! Since it's casual Friday, I tend to ditch the makeup. I packed my gym clothes, which included a pair of my new yellow legwarmers. I didn't feel like switching shoes so I decided to wear my gym shoes. I find that on leg day, I prefer to wear my weightlifting shoes. I purchased them some time ago on Amazon

Time flew by at work, which I'm always happy about. I received some looks after I changed into my workout attire. It's not like I was in it all day. Plus, I find it easier to change just before I get to the gym because I can start my workout quicker.

It was less crowded this afternoon. I could pace myself easier. In addition, since I went heavier with weight earlier in the week with my leg day, I dialed it down some, since I haven't fully recovered. As I mentioned before, it's one of the downsides to not having a rest day until the weekend.

Once I got to the house, there were two packages waiting on me. One of those packages was from Fabletics. When I dealt with them years ago, I believe it was at the very start of my fitness journey, they didn't have too many styles that have the big external pockets I like, which was why I was drawn to Pop Fit. What has prompted me to give Fabletics another try? Here are some of my reasons:

(1) There's nothing on Pop Fit that attracts my attention anymore. To me, most of their styles look the same, or they've come out with new designs.
(2) The leggings, even the ones closest to my size, are starting to do the slip thing. I could wash them in hot water to shrink them, but at this point, I have too many of them to go through the effort.
(3) None of the Pop Fit leggings have a lining that keeps my legs warm in the cooler weather. It gets tiresome and time-consuming for me to double layer.
(4) Fabletics now has more variety, including the external pockets that I like.

I ordered two pairs of leggings, two pairs of socks, and two bras, just to see if they will fit me. One bra fit fine in the band but too tight in the cups. The other fit fine in the cups but too loose in the band. To be fair, one I ordered in the small (which was the one that was spot on with the band). The other I ordered was in the medium (which was comfortable in the cups). The one in the small was too uncomfortable for me to put on. It wasn't the kind you fasten; it's the one you have to pull over your head, which I'm not accustomed to. I kept being afraid that I was going to get stuck in mid-try-on. 

One pair of leggings is arriving separately, but the one pair that did come fit well. On top of that, they were lined and in a color I don't own, so I will be keeping them and the pairs of socks. I may see if I can get the medium bra sized down to a small in the more comfortable bra. The not-so-comfy bra is getting returned.

The yawns have begun. Time to shut this down.

Good night all!

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