Saturday, December 11, 2021

31 Days of Journaling: Day 11

Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here. I confess to not having a core topic, so I will be all over the place. Perhaps I was feeling the side effects of the Moderna booster shot this morning, but there was a whisper of a headache this morning prior to having my coffee. But it was only slight at that point, just enough to let me know that it was there. 

Jazz let me know that Charlemagne the God had done an interview with Travis Scott, who hasn't spoken much on the Astroworld tragedy that occurred. She mentioned to me yesterday, and honestly, I was not in the space to watch it. I was in a good mood yesterday and didn't want to wreck. Therefore, we decided to watch it this morning. Perhaps Travis would show some remorse, accountability, or compassion. Perhaps he would speak more about his care for the victims as opposed to doing damage control for his image or trying to get ahead of all of those lawsuits. I wasn't being wholly optimistic. Although I am not a fan of his music and I don't understand this trend of "raging" at a concert, the least he could be is a decent human being. 

Jazz and I got about twenty-five minutes in before me not being able to deal.

First off, I have never heard anyone say "you know" as much as Travis Scott did. To me, it does not compute to be lyrically sound and have no social skills during an interview. It almost made me question if he even writes his own stuff.

In addition, his body language doesn't ring as someone who is truly feeling accountable. Uncomfortable, for sure. At times, even defensive, with certain questions. Confused, definitely. But nothing to signify true remorse in his energy. From Travis stating that "raging" is an act of "love" ... those two words don't even belong in the same sentence ... to behaving as if he has absolutely no control or say-so in the amount of security needed for his concerts ("all he does is the art and creative stuff"). He really expects anyone, especially the families, to buy that? 

I was flabbergasted and then angry. I hope all of the families that are suing get every dime they are entitled to and then some. Travis Scott should have listened to his team and kept his mouth shut. For he did nothing to provide comfort. He probably has pissed some people off, if anything.

I took some time to decompress while getting a head start on some bill payments. I also got some advanced tickets for the new Spider-Man and the latest Matrix movie.

I am still on the fence about whether a 4th Matrix movie should have been done when it was originally supposed to be a trilogy. What can I say? I adore some Keanu. Once this is done, I'll be awaiting the next installment of John Wick.

I confess ... I am not fully sold on if Jared Leto can pull off Morbius. I despised him in Suicide Squad.  I will keep an open mind. He looks comfortable in what he's doing. Therefore, I will hold off on my thoughts until I see the movie.

One movie that isn't getting seen in the theater is The Batman. I'm just not in that space. I didn't like when Ben Affleck played Batman and I don't like the guy best known for being "Edward the Vampire" playing Batman. Maybe if I'm bored and it's free to watch on TV, I will look just to see how horrible it is ... much like what I did with Batman vs Superman.

I'll write some more tomorrow. 


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