Sunday, September 12, 2021

44 ... The Lessons and Discoveries


Greetings everyone! The Unleased One here. Hope everyone's Sunday is a wonderful one so far. 

Forty-four years here. What an achievement and a blessing! If anyone would have asked me what it would look like, I didn't think it would appear like this.

I am a firm believer in being open to growing and learning. This year was no exception. Here are forty-four things I would like to share (and in no particular order). Twenty-two lessons and twenty-two discoveries.


1. One's Master Plan must change to accommodate one's growth.

2. One can't force a person to connect who you are in the NOW when they are so focused on holding on to who one was THEN.

3. True Spirit connections never die. They may experience turbulence, even disconnect, but they don't die. 

4. Be willing to address the inaccuracies in one's own narrative.

5. Be more open to more experimentation and spontaneity. One never knows what can joy can be missed.

6. Face fear and anxiety head-on, even if the end result isn't what one expects.

7. Have activities that keep one grounded when one's support system is not available.

8. One can know a person for years and still discover something new.

9. It's never too late to perceive things in a different way.

10. Doing one's Shadow Work is scarier than any of the roller coasters at an amusement park.

11. When taking naps at the right time and at the right length, they can rejuvenate as opposed to making one more tired.

12. Do not force oneself to stay triggered and traumatized when you have the tools to escape.

13. Combat any negative thoughts with twice as many positive thoughts.

14. Incorporate mindfulness as often as possible.

15. Don't feel guilty for taking time for oneself.

16. Sharing one's story or experience can open the gateway for dialog.

17. When a person glows from the inside-out, others take notice.

18. It's imperative to have inspirational and motivational people in one's corner and those who hold one accountable.

19. Authentic evolution is ongoing; there's no final destination.

20. There are many events I would not wish on another soul, yet if I had not gone through those things, I would not have developed my current state in resilience and fortitude.

21. Having a laugh a day can do wonders in the initial outlook.

22. When all is going wrong, see each day as a reset, not as a continuation.


1. I like the flavor profile of chicken sausage better than regular sausage.

2. Coffee can taste just as good with just artificial sweetener, once you discover the right one and the right amounts.

3. French press coffee is to die for. 

4. I find bison very tasty.

5. Same goes for gator.

6. Cream of Rice is a worthy substitute for oatmeal.

7. I am steadily modifying my macro profile, desiring protein over carbs.

8. I enjoy taking walks in the morning, particularly when the temperature is just right.

9. My new favorite throwback are legwarmers.

10. My new signature scent is 212.

11. It's nice to have an array of colors in my shoe wardrobe.

12. I found away to incorporate more lavender and green in my closet.

13. My desktop big screen is my best technological friend.

14. Regular chocolates are now too sweet for me.

15. I don't miss consuming soda and sweet tea as much as I thought I would.

16. There are at least five gray hairs in my head. I don't mind them one bit. When they get to be plentiful, I may just make my entire hair gray.

17. House slippers have become a thing.

18. Having full blown conversations with the cat provide comfort, laughter, confusion ... sometimes all three.

19. Perhaps I was wrong about the pencil skirt. 

20. I have become obsessed with pockets - all my workout pants should have them.

21. Related to #20, in the absence of pockets, a fitness fanny pack.

22. Sleeveless hoodies have finally become a part of my wardrobe.

Okay, I think that covers it all. Thanks for reading. Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my birthday.

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