Saturday, January 30, 2021

Peeking in ... for some Updates


Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here. How is everyone doing so far in 2021? I am feeling encouraged and hopeful, now that there's been an official change of the guard (if you know what I mean). All I can say is that he has his work cut out for him.

Also, one of my best friends recently had a birthday. Although she was originally going to go to rescind her time off request, I was able to fuss at her and guilt her into reconsidering. I am glad she enjoyed the gifts and the new place we went to, where I was proven wrong.

Maple bacon and donuts really do go together.

This month, I also got a chance to talk about my writing life on Blog Talk Radio via the Voice of Indie podcast. The Concordant Vibrancy collection is finally complete. I am glad it's come full circle but also sad about it ending, since I worked with such fantastic talents. However, there are more projects in the works, so 2021 is going to be a busy year for me.

Before I can get to the business of getting my write on, there is a medical issue that I have to get resolved. 

So ... remember my real-life update back in October?

Well, one of the things I mentioned was that the carpal tunnel in both of my wrists was getting worse. I decided to try the cortisone shots to see if they would provide the same level of relief for me as they do when I get them in my knees for the arthritis. Although I was provided some comfort, after careful debate, I decided that I didn't want to keep up a shot regimen with the wrists, especially considering that I'd have to get them more often in my wrists than my knees.

Come next month, I'll be getting carpal tunnel surgery for the right wrist. I opted to do the one that was in worse shape. The recovery time will be for about two and a half weeks before I can get back to normal, general office duties, but may take a bit longer for me to resume resistance and weight training for the gym.

If you are used to mainly texting my phone number during the month of February, it may be more beneficial to just call. I confess that I don't like using the text-to-speech ... more times than not, it doesn't get what I want to say right on the first try. I'm also not a well-versed left-handed texter.

That is ... if you have my math to begin with.

If not, then I'll touch base when I can. I won't be on Social Media much, since my focus is going to be on healing from my surgery.

Anything related to All Authors' business will be in the hands of my business partner until I'm up and at them.

This is my first surgery, and although it's not major, sending some healing vibes my way would be awesome.

Oh, before I go, Shadow Work will resume once I'm fully operational.

I think that covers it!

And on that note ...

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