Sunday, October 25, 2020

Shadow Work Sunday: Journal Entry 6


Greetings everyone! The Unleashed One here, back with another installment of Shadow Work Sundays. For those of you who are curious as to the delay, please check out my Real Life Update.

This week I will actually be flying solo. Mini Truth will be posting her Shadow Work post separately at a later date.

Now, without further delay, let's dive into the Shadow Work question:

What rules do you intentionally break? What is your reason for breaking them? Are you truly justified in breaking them?

When seeing this question, I was unsure of the angle of approach. However, after careful deliberation, I'm just going to freeflow.

One rule that I intentionally break (and if I'm the only one, I'll own it) is that I, more often than not, go faster than the speed limit.

When I was first getting my driving lessons (I touched on that in a previous entry), I noticed that many people were going anywhere from five to ten miles past the speed limit. I got a few honks, even though I was going exactly the speed the sign indicated. When I asked the instructor about this, she explained that in some situations, it's better to travel with the flow of traffic because if one doesn't do so, it can cause more disruption than benefit.

That baffled me. How can following the rules cause more harm than breaking them? I really didn't understand at the time she said it.

It was only after I got my license and went through the motions of dealing with different types of drivers and attitudes that her words of wisdom sunk in.

My reason for breaking the speed limit rule has more to do with going along with what the natives do to ensure little to no hiccups to my day. I'm not going to claim justification, but I try my best not to get too "happy on the gas" if I can avoid such.

Take time to rest as needed.

This is a rule I break continuously, although I've been improving slowly yet surely. It goes back to the think space that "the problem isn't going to resolve itself" as well as "if I don't do it, it isn't going to get done".

It seems from being in situations where I've depended on someone else to do the task and that other person delays doing what was asked or not doing it at all.

I have done the spiels of gentle reminders and attempting to wait it out, but if days, weeks, and months have gone by, and it still hasn't been done, I do the task anyway, to prevent from pitching a fit about it later on.

After experiencing multiple failures from people, I was taught to mainly rely on myself and the Almighty. I admit that I deem the rule-breaking justified until others come along that meet the level of dependability that I desire. Like, I'll rest when Persons A, B, and C who always claim I "do too much" arrive to alleviate the load.

Until that moment arrives, I am paying more attention to my body and don't try to force action when it's giving me clear cut signs that it's exhausted. I have learned that it's better to sit my butt down in the present than risk a week to two-week long stall in my routine in the future.

Okay, albeit short, I think I addressed everything.

Enjoy your day everybody!

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