Sunday, January 12, 2020

Confessional: January 12, 2020

Hello everyone! How's this Sunday treating you? I'm here with another confessional. This one has been a long time coming but a recent event has brought it all to the forefront.

Confession: Seeing behaviors from those who have wronged me fascinate me.

Note: For those who want the backstory, I may or may not speak on it in a future entry. It just depends on how I free flow, just so you know.

This is inspired by a customer service trip to the Walmart near my place of employment a few days back. There were a pair of sneakers that just didn't fit right and I wanted to get a refund. While I waited in line, I came face-to-face with the woman ... I mean, girl ... who my recent ex was messing with while with me.

In the past, I would've had feelings of anger and disgust upon seeing her frame in front of me. But on that trip, I was different. I acted indifferent, waiting for her (since she's the customer service manager) to tell me which line I should stand in. She jerked her head and pointed to the female to her right. No friendly greeting. No direct eye contact. Like, worst customer service exchange ever, right?

It's been well over a year since the break up, but she still reacts the same way to me as if she's still a side chic. I have not spoken to or interacted with her "God sent man" since things ended.

Perhaps it's the guilt ... the way in which she does things. The fact that she will always have to scan his Social Media and phone to calm her paranoia and insecurity about what he's doing. Always blaming other women and not her sorry excuse for a person she chose when there is trouble in paradise.

Even the guy in question acts strange. No eye contact with me, except for months ago when he was acting borderline jealous because some guy in the self check-out line was talking to me. He walks around as fast as he can go if he happens to see me shopping while he's working.

Yeah, I could stop shopping there but it was my go-to store before he transferred there, which wouldn't have even taken place if it wasn't for me.

But ... that's another story for another time. Let's keep it moving, shall we?

Perhaps it's guilt on his end. He stays connected with others who are associated with me on Facebook, yet he thinks I don't have a clue. He unblocked me on that same platform after she told him to block me. Apparently, she must have discovered he still had pictures of me and the two of us as a couple on his Google drive storage, so he took his name off the shared pictures in Google but didn't delete them. Why keep the lifeline open if you really are happy with the choice you made? #justsaying

Let's dare to go back even more. To my ex-husband. He told everyone that I was the one who wronged him and that he left me. When certain parts of his tale didn't add up, some people came to me to ask what really happened.

Over two years after our divorce, he hits up my phone from a brand new number. for what? Just to be nosy? Seriously? I can't stand that mess. A person that makes like I'm the worst person around then trying to sneak tip like we're copacetic. Like, don't make me the villain in public but act like we're still together (but on an extended break trying to work stuff out) in private. The paperwork is on public record. At the courthouse. How about no?

Even dating adventures and prospects fall prey.

One guy I dated for a few months years ago reached out to be in my Facebook messenger saying "Hey". Then, another guy who got offended when I refused to go to his house for a first date, tried twice to reconnect. I guess in those cases their top picks didn't pan out, yet they want to act butt hurt because my Ice Maiden flared up.

Twiddling my thumbs waiting to be chosen by anyone isn't in my DNA, but even if twiddling my thumbs was, the fact they were pissed off at the cold shoulder  was puzzling and laughable to me. Folks, especially men, in my experience, don't like it when you give them a taste of their own medicine.

There is one more I want to mention but it may fit more in with the confession for next Sunday, so I'll pause here for the moment.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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