Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zone

There are certain things that are easy for me to zone out.  A little chuckle here and there.  Moments when the TV is slightly too loud or when music has a little too much bass.  The cat purring or scratching behind his ear. Even the occasional faucet drip.

What I can't zone out is excessively loud noise on a continuous basis.  Especially when I'm in the midst of writing.  It's somewhat tolerable when I'm reading but damned near impossible when I'm writing.

I found myself at times typing the very words I was hearing in conversations from "The Neighbors from Hell" (aka Apartment Four).

The neighbor who is right across from the madness in Apartment Five says she ignores it and doesn't let it bother her.  It would be different if she was around during the time when there was less noise and better quality people living at the spot (like I have).  Yet my fear is that there's noise (of joy) and then there's noise (when someone is getting hurt).  

Some of the neighbors before these loud ones liked to fight and do other illegal activities.  In many cases, I had to call the cops.  Not just because of the amount of noise but because I'm of the mind of "what if something really serious is happening in there?".  What if someone is getting hurt, and I'm hearing it but don't say anything?  I'm sorry: I've been on the other side of that and I would rather say something than just be of the mind of "it's not my problem."

I know if Apartment 5 can hear it, then Apartment 3 can certainly hear all of the racket "The Neighbors from Hell" make.  The tenants in Apartment 3 have kids and their kids don't act at a fool like this one kid, the two females, and the dog act.  Yet folks want to try to ignore it and not say anything (yet are the same ones that mutter "those folks sure are loud").

That's just not me.  I'm not trying to be the "bitch that makes things harder for anyone else."  However, with the exception of one person, I've resided in this building longer than anyone else.  I know I pay more rent than anyone else because of the amount of rooms I have.  Yet I believe since I do pay a significant amount, I should have some significant say in what type of environment I want to deal with.

And these Hellions do not fit the ideal neighbor spiel.

I contacted them a few days ago to keep the noise down.  With their recent shenanigans, their attitude is we are going to do what the hell we want to anyway.  I have contacted the landlord to let him know that I will be taking further measures if he doesn't step in and address the "excessive noise clause" in the rental agreement and apply it to this particular tenant situation.

Will keep you guys posted.

Zoning out!

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