Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R is for Running (on empty)

R is for Running.

On empty that is!  My muscle spasms have kicked into high gear.  First they started in the lower leg and thigh areas.  Usually that is the prime indicator they are going to hit other parts as well.  Yet I prayed that they wouldn't--simply because I don't like taking the medication when the pain gets that bad.

Yesterday it couldn't be helped.  I couldn't move, and the medication that helps it doesn't permit me to operate machinery.  Therefore, driving was out of the question.  In addition it makes me relatively tired.  

I have my lesser of two evils on me today.  It makes me tired but it's acting as a chaser to keep the pain at bay.  Perhaps I will look into doing some pilates from beginners.  Anything is better than popping all these pills. 

Any one have any suggestions?  I'm a beginner.  Think Pilates 101 or something.


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Reggie said...

I feel you, I absolutely detest taking medication.