Friday, April 18, 2014

O is for Observations (Crazy gif warning alert)

Random things I've been observing:

1.  I see more retweeting on Twitter than actual interaction (conversations) between people.

2.  You get more Facebook likes if you are dolled up than just looking natural.

3.  If you put up a pic that shows off your mountains or your assets, the increase in Facebook likes is uncanny.

4.  When you put up a Facebook status that sounds like a rant, why does everyone respond to it except the person you are really talking about?  Or worse, what if you are just sounding off in general, yet someone reacts to it in specifics?

5.  More and more I'm realizing people are not being one hundred percent honest when they say they want honest reviews.

6.  There are certain people that only pay attention to my Facebook wall when I'm talking about the wrestling pay per views yet are quiet other times.  Am I being used for entertainment purposes only?

7.  The quality of the reads I've been receiving the past few months have declined while the ones I've chosen randomly are on the rise.  Is that coincidence?

8.  I always have this one area of my back that itches from time to time that I can never reach.

9.  Musicians who have been in the game for a while are trying a bit too hard to still remain relevant.  Let the music stand the test of time.  You don't see Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan constantly talking about their sex lives, doing stripper like performances, and calling it good music.  Yet their music stretches the test of time.

Will I remember these others for their vocal range or their songs?  Not saying they aren't talented but so much of these extra antics.  (just saying)

10.  It's mad interesting how a person who is quick to call another woman a whore and all things slutty is coming out with a sex tape.  I know Joseline Hernandez is cracking the hell up at the Mimi and Nikko sex tape.  Maybe Mimi is trying to be the next Kim K.  Maybe Nikko is trying to prove he doesn't switch hit (I still don't buy it; he gives off bi/gay energy.)

It's amazing how I know these things yet I don't even tune into the show like that.  The thing that trips me out about Mimi is that she always was trying to act like she was better than anyone else on there--yet she is just as ratchet as the rest.  At least Joseline claimed hers and never acted like she didn't strip and do all that other stuff.  Mimi if you want to put it out there, do you, but please quit acting like you are a cut above--stunting like you're NY Strip but really cube steak.

Okay, that's about all for now.



Mahoganydymond™ said...

LOL... Well I can say.. I am no longer a fan of Mimi's.. She has a child and that isn't what a mother does.. I also like the graphic of Rhianna.. :)

Reggie said...

Sex sells.

That'll sell when bread don't; and you can take that to the bank.