Friday, October 25, 2013

Word 21: Fruit

Word 21: Fruit

This topic has officially made me hungry.
My favorite fruit is a strawberry.  I can eat it by itself, covered with chocolate, or with a little whip cream on the tip.  The strawberry is closely followed by the tomato.  I primarily eat the red ones, although a few people have asked me if I ever had fried green tomatoes.  I confess that I haven’t.  White seedless grapes are a very strong third.  Perhaps that explains why I like the flavor of white wine more than red wine.

If I could be a fruit, I would be a peach.


Reggie said...

Why a peach?!?

My favorite fruit is watermelon....stereotypes aside, I absolutely love watermelon.

No Labels said...

I just think a peach is a nice balance between sweet and savory, more in its natural state and not when it's been canned.

Thee_Kween said...

I love strawberries, too. I'd be a