Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Word 13: Television

Word 13: Television

I rarely look at actual television anymore.  By actual television, I mean regular network and cable channels.  For me, it’s just hard to find good quality television.  Even news reports may not be entirely accurate in regards to events.  During times like these, Netflix and Hulu Plus have become great friends of mine, plus it’s a whole lot cheaper than paying for cable or satellite.  Sure, I may not get the satisfaction of instant gratification, but I can tune in to what I like, and not deal with the stuff I could care less about.


Reggie said...

I find myself watching stuff on the Internet more than I watch actual television; with the exception of football games and news shows.

I figure there will be plenty of time to watch television when I'm old........which will be soon enough.

No Labels said...

lol...a young spirit like you?