Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Word 12: Baby

Word 12:  Baby

Wow, by now, I thought I would have had about three.  Matter of fact, my tubes would have been tied by now.  Yet, I’m in my mid thirties and haven’t started on baby number one.  It hasn't been due to lack of want, but having someone in my life who I wanted to be joined in that way with.  That took a while.  Now, I have to work out some medical issues to make sure when I have a baby that it will be healthy.  Reminder to self: be patient and it will come in time.


Reggie said...

While my baby is 22, I feel you. The time has definitely gotta be right or you will put yourself in a position that isn't conducive to being a positive, productive parent.

Kudos to you for recognizing that, when so many others tend to breed like a fly without a lot of thought given to any of the consequences for either themselves or their children.

No Labels said...

Thanks for that, Reggie. Others have not been as supportive.