Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Blog Challenge for October

Welcome to the Challenge!!!

Thanks to Mahogany Dymond you guys have been gifted with ANOTHER challenge! (Thank or blame HER!!) LOL

This blog will be kind of different. Not like the others, this isn't just a writing challenge, but a creativity challenge. You can invite who you like to join in...just remember to encourage your buddy to follow the rest of the challenge takers and like The Kween's Kaleidoscope on Facebook so you can keep up with everyone else's blogs!

This is also the month where NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) takes place...so we can participate in our own way. (I'm posting a day early so we all can prepare and invite who we like)

 So...HERE WE GO!!!

Use each word (in any part of speech) and create a fictional paragraph. It can be any style, any topic...as long as it's original.

We're keeping this challenge down to one paragraph for a few reasons:

- It's brief. If we have 10 or more blogs, it can be almost impossible to read several scrolls of words every day...making it hard for us to keep up with one another's daily offerings.

- It sparks creativity. If you if you have only a paragraph of 100 words or less...it makes you come to your point quicker, allowing you to use better forms of expression.

- It encourages each blogger to participate. If we all know there's not a lot to write (yet still feeds our creative muses) then people may be more apt to blog. Not everyone can write extensively off the top of their heads...so this caters to both kinds of writers.

1- Castle
2- Water
3- Rock
4- Stand
5- One
6- Song
7- Sword
8- Bridge
9- Voice
10- Book
11- Ring
12- Baby
13- Television
14- Room
15-  Path
16- Hole
17- Clouds
18- Huge
19- Lies
20- Friend
21- Fruit
22- Afraid
23- Bed
24- Fire
25- Beach
26- Cold
27- Radio
28- Shoes
29- Car
30- Simple

Free Day- Use the first word off the top of your head and write your paragraph

It has been a while but I will give it a try.  I can already sense some of these word associations will run darker than others, especially the first one...lol.  They may also come out more stanza like than paragraph like.  Also, at times, brevity may serve as a challenge for me.

I'm just going to run with it and see what happens.


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