Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soap Box Moment: Why "Beautiful With the Weight Loss" is Condescending

“Beautiful With the Weight Loss”

It really hit home how much I hate that damn line.

Confession: I have a huge girl crush on Jill Scott.  

I mean, she writes and sings from her soul.  Her eyes, her smile, her just whole demeanor is refreshing.  I am so proud of everything she has accomplished—motherhood, singing, acting, creating the Butterfly Bra (although I can’t find one in my size)…

I could go on and on.

On Facebook, a picture was posted of her (the one above) in this beautiful white ensemble with tinges of black (or it could be a very deep blue).  Either way, the dress is gorgeous!

However, the discussion didn't stay on how awesome the dress looked, there were comments about her weight.  Comments about she is so “beautiful with the weight loss.”

Ahem, was she ugly before? (I dare somebody to find some!)

Okay, I’m not hating on anyone who is losing weight to get healthier, which is why Jill and so many other celebrities made the decision to lose weight.

What I do have a problem with is beauty being associated with weight loss as if someone was butt ugly before the weight loss occurred.

Jill Scott is still the same beautiful, refreshing vibrant spirit she was when she had the extra weight.  I don’t see any sign of ugly. 

It’s ridiculous to even come out of one’s mouth and say, “It wasn't just the weight that melted off of Jill but the ugly as well.”  

However, that is exactly what someone is saying if he or she is telling someone “You look beautiful with the weight loss.”

Tell me “I look healthier.”

Tell me “I seem to have more energy.”

Tell me “You seem to be doing the right things to get your health in order.”

But don’t imply to a celebrity or even your home girl that we were coated in ugly at the heavier weight but have become beautiful at the lighter weight.

Off my soap box.



Reggie said...

Jill Scott can sing her ass off.

Lamont C said...

Say it!

No Labels said...

Yes, Reggie, she can. It just bothers me how someone can say she looks "beautiful with the weight loss" as if she was ugly looking when she had the extra weight.

Lamont, thanks for stopping by.

Reggie said...

She's beautiful because she's beautiful and she's beautiful at every size I've seen her.