Monday, March 11, 2013

"I Choose Designer Labels" (What Got My Soul Incensed)

Hello, everyone!

Normally, I would start off with my 30 Days of Days blog entry, but this is an entry I was originally going to put in yesterday after I posted "Day 10".  Part of the reason why I waited was because a bit of emotionally energy was spent and plus, I wanted to be able to give this full attention.

So here it goes....

I encountered something that saddened me and enraged me at the same time.  

There is this female who’s currently working at the 2nd job.  She is close friends with the sister of the girl who recently got fired—for theft.  

Side Note:  The funny thing is that a co-worker and myself told management months back the girl was stealing, but they didn't want to take our words for it and it was our monies that kept coming up missing.  It took a customer complaint about her being on the phone in front of him for them to actually go and check the cameras to see what she was doing.  They could have checked the cameras and gotten rid of her months ago.

Moving on.  

Anyway, the 2nd job doesn't realize they only got a slight upgrade from the last girl.  

True, the new girl isn't stealing money but she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to be any more productive than just being on the register (decipher--selectively productive).  

However, unlike the last girl, she likes to talk, whether you've asked her anything or not.  She talks to the point where you want her to be quiet after a while—she’s just a bucket of excess.

Well, a few weeks back, she revealed to me that she was pregnant.  She was going on about how excited her boyfriend was, and it seemed like she was going to keep the baby. 

Fast forward to present:

She was talking about her daughter and how the doctors discovered she has ADHD and that she’s bipolar and has to be put on medicine.  

Then, she was telling me that she didn’t like how the medication was affecting her baby so she wasn’t giving her the medicine, but she was collecting the check that was being sent to help her pay for the medication, since it’s expensive.

Side Note:  Collecting the check, but pocketing the money....

Then, I asked her, “So how are things coming along with the baby?”

“Oh, you mean the situation?”

Is that new in the streets?  Describing a baby as “the situation?” 

“Yes, the baby.”

“I think I’m going to get rid of it.”

This was definitely a switch from the excitement she was feeling a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps she realized that she wouldn't be able to fully support two children, since she’s only around 20 or 21 years old.  Of course, I’m thinking that’s probably what the reason was.

“So what changed your mind about it?”

It was the answer she gave me that really unnerved me.

“Well, I got to thinking about it, and my need for Versace, Coach, and Louis Vitton couldn’t be fulfilled if I had another baby.  It would disrupt my shopping habits completely, and I have to be in designer stuff.  I can’t do that with two kids.”

Um…the who and the what now?  I kept thinking she was going to say, “Hey, I’m just kidding.”

But she was serious as a heart attack.  She even went into detail about how she felt her boyfriend was being too controlling for wanting her to quit her job and to be around him and his family so they could see about the baby.

“I can’t understand why I ever was with him anyway!  He knew I had expensive tastes and the job he’s working can’t cover it.  He can’t afford me.  I even asked him to get a second job so he could get me the things I want, and he doesn’t want to do it because it would take quality time away from us.  Who turns down money to spend time with his girl, seriously?”

I’m puzzled because this is coming from someone who, as far as I know, only works at this place, and this place doesn't pay much at all. 

It makes me wonder what other type of stuff she is doing to get Coach, Versace, and Louis Vitton money.

I’m so confused.  I thought a female wanted a guy to spend time with her.  Some of the females I know would have a hissy fit if a guy didn't make time for her.  This one right here doesn't care about seeing him as long as he is making money for her benefit.

What kind of world are we living in when a female decides that her spending habit for designer things is more important than bringing a life into the world? 

I’m not disgusted that she came to the decision; I’m disgusted that was the reasoning to end a life.   That she’s willing to deal with that soul scar just to say, “Well at least I stayed in fashion.”

There are so many people out there who want kids that can’t have kids or are trying to have kids but haven’t yet.  

But there are females out there who can create kids and don’t even want to take care of them.

I feel sorry for her daughter.  She already got her daughter used to high end and designer things.  Her daughter is going to grow up with an expectation for the high end items and may end up doing anything (not excluding the bad) to ensure that she gets it.  She is learning that her worth is based on the price tag of the clothing and accessories she has on while being left bankrupt on her intrinsic value. 

I pray that I’m able to have children.  Even if I end up having one, it will be a blessing, especially considering my age.  My children will know their intrinsic worth is priceless and to never be dependent on a designer label to make them more or less than anyone else. 

Just had to get this off my chest.


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Reggie said...

Is it a baby or a situation.....that's an interesting question to be sure.