Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 5: When I 1st Fell In Love (30 Days of Days)

Day 5: The Day I First Fell in Love

Well, I wrote in depth about this back in June 2011 during the 30 Day Love Challenge, so for the full story, you can click here.

Therefore, I will give a somewhat abbreviated version.

It was around 1994-1995.  Somewhere around there.  I was involved with this guy named Eric, and he had a close friend named Ronnie.  Ronnie and I had always gotten along well and actually had a tiny bit more in common to talk about than Eric and me.  

You see, Eric was considered to be a bit “slow” (he was placed in special classes), but my love didn't discriminate, and I never made him feel like he was “less” in terms of being on an intellectual level with me.  I just really enjoyed Eric’s company.

However, no matter how “slow” Eric was deemed, Eric was still a guy, and during the teenage years, all types of sensual tension was in the air.  Eric and I had kissed, but it wasn't a whole lot.  Mainly because he wasn't a very good kisser.  A little bit too much saliva, but he was working on it.  He and I held hands a lot, even hugged, even a bit of groping here and there.

But the relationship hadn't gone too far beyond that.

In other words, he hadn't hit it.  He hadn't been pressuring me, but some of his other friends and cousins had been in his ear.

I was involved in a lot of school clubs, and one time, I had to go on a school trip.  During the time I was away, I found out from Ronnie that he was copping a feel on some other girl.  When I confronted Eric about it, he didn't deny he had done it, so I ended the relationship.

As Ronnie tried to console me through the pain (more anger than pain actually), my feelings started to become deeper for him.  I initially wasn't going to pursue it.  

However, he had feelings for me and started pursuing me.  

In Eric’s eyes, he felt that Ronnie ratted him out because he wanted to be with me the whole time.  To me, my relationship with Eric was already going downhill before Ronnie revealed what Eric did.

I refused the pursuit initially because of the atmosphere in MS during that time and how it looked upon black/white relationships, but finally, I caved in because he seemed very determined not to let any outside factors come between us.  Plus, I was in love with him.

Our relationship ended, not because of all the racial tension surrounding it but because of unfaithfulness.  But sophomore year of high school was when I really felt something similar to being in love.

Day 5, that’s a wrap!



Thee_Kween said...

Yea, this was a mistake. I'm making you guys repeat yourselves. ~sigh~ lol

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its cool sis i just reposted an old one too

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Truth is, if we blog long enough we all start repeating ourselves.

Nice post.

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Love is Love...the feeling does not have a color

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