Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 25: My Fantasy Wedding (30 Days of Days)

Day 25: A Day I'm Currently Planning For

I would like to talk about my fantasy wedding.  Hopefully, it won’t stay fantasy but the grand ceremony will become reality somewhere down the line.

Or…”when we get out duckets in a row and folks can incorporate some do right …”

I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Colors:  The colors for the wedding, no matter what season, are royal blue and gold (more like yellow rather than the dark gold).  I actually picked out my wedding colors many years ago.  The blue was picked out first because I always loved blue.  I was very anti-pink ever since it was overdone on me when I was a baby.  I always liked gold, and it’s still my favorite metal to wear, although silver and other materials have started to grow on me.

Dress:  I have evolved since I first started looking at dresses.  The first time I started planning a wedding was when I was around 19.  That was when I was engaged for the first time, but he and I planned on the engagement to be long, like when I graduated from college.  It would be mostly lace, long sleeved, v-neck and the train would be uber-long!  It also had an almost 6K price tag.

Since then, I’ve become more practical.  I realize that too much lace and I don’t get along.  (I start getting a bit itchy)  The super long train now seems ridiculous to me.  I’m in love with the feel of satin and the new trend for putting splashes of color in a dress.  Plus, 6K on a dress could be a down payment on a house or go towards a honeymoon. 

Note: Not the actual dress

I already have my dream dress.  I would put the actual picture up, but I don’t want a certain person to see it (hint hint).  I’ll put up an idea of it (lol). It has the royal blue that I want.  When I saw it, my jaw dropped and I knew I had to have it.  It was great it didn’t cost anywhere close to 6K; heck it was under 1K.

Wedding Party (if we get another one together): The bridesmaids and groomsmen (along with the ring bearer/flower girl) will wear royal blue.  The maid of honor and best man will wear yellow/gold to stand out.

Mt. Laurel

Location:  There is this dream spot that I found in New Jersey.  I like it for its’ convenience—it’s close to a neighboring hotel where people can also receive discounts, restaurants, shopping—great for people who are coming from out of town.  The atmosphere is a bit contemporary yet welcoming.  The name of it is ALOFT, located in Mount Laurel. (This may change if I find myself no longer living in this area, since that has been put on the table already)

Food and Drink: As for food, I want it to be a fair mixture of Southern and Latino cuisine.  None of this food I can’t pronounce.  Something that will be stick to the bones and great for the spirit.  As far as drinks, it’s tricky because I’m not that big of a drinker but people I’d like to come to the wedding are—so the key is to find the balance.

Music:  Well, there’s already a song list made out—a mixture of slow jams and festive music…R&B and salsa/Latino type.  The music is divided into theme---like how things were when he and I met—from the beginning, to the progression, to marriage.

Day: Most people like having it on a Saturday, but I’d prefer for it to fall on a Sunday.  Spring or Fall, most definitely.  I’m not a huge fan of Summer or Winter.  I don’t want it to be too hot nor freezing.  Besides, Saturday weddings are expensive.

Expenses I’m Willing to Splurge On: 
1.       Comfortable shoes—I need shoes I can really stay in all day.  If not, I’ll need some cute shoes and some slippers for the reception.  But I really prefer one comfy pair.
2.       Photography/Videographer—I want the pictures and the memories to look as phenomenal as possible.  I’m not saying I’m spending 2K on pictures, but unless you really know what you’re doing with a digital camera and a video camera, I can’t settle for average.
3.       Hair—I’m only going to someone I trust to get it done.
4.       Makeup and Nails—well, it’s my special day; one I hope I never have to do again (unless I’m attending someone else’s wedding or in the wedding party—not trying to be a bride twice), so I will go a bit extra to have that look.
5.       Treating the bridesmaids—it can be a lot of stress (and expense) to be part of someone else’s day.  I’m definitely not opposed to a spa day or something else to show my appreciation.

Cost Cutters:
1.       Decorations (see below)
2.       Bridal shower:  I know it’s not really up to me, but I’d prefer the extra money put on that be placed towards a baby shower or an awesome gift on my registry.
3.       Invitations: I don’t need to go to an official printing company.  I found the perfect ones online.
4.       Save the date cards: I just think they are a bit extra.
5.       DJ:  I’m not saying the music isn't important, but as long as the person is charismatic and is on top of the music played and in what order, then it makes me wonder if the same effect can be achieved with a person who is great with an iPod or a sound system.
6.       Number of guests.  I want the gathering to be intimate—well under 100 people (hell, even  under 50 will do for me…lol).  I don’t even know 50 people I want to invite to my wedding.  His side of the family is different, but I’m just not into phony.  I feel like distant cousins and what not get an attitude if they aren’t invited because they are missing out on food and drink they aren't paying for.  I just want to be selective because it’s my dime as well as his dime, and if heat starts getting thrown, then let me get burned.  Now, if they are willing to spend dollars, then that’s a whole different discussion, but unless you are putting something on it, then I feel like another person doesn't have a right to demand more people be at a wedding or to be a part of the wedding. 

Decorations:  There are certain things I feel like can still look good and not cost a fortune.  Decorations for the wedding are one that falls in that category.  I’ve seen some phenomenal do it yourself decorations that I would want to do rather than to spend a lot on things that may end up being thrown away.  

Like, I know people get caught up in live flowers, but they cost money.  Plus they die.  I’d rather use phony ones that look real.  Then I can save them as mementos or let someone else use them.  

The only flowers I will probably want real are my bouquet, and I’d want plenty of pictures taken of it before the flowers die.

Yes, there are brides who don’t want to get involved in the planning process.  

However, that’s not me.  

I’m not going to be a bridezilla and nitpick, but on the same token, I want to be vocal and make sure everything is getting done in a timely manner.  

One of the problems I ran into was the person who volunteered to be my wedding planner/maid of honor went ghost, and I just really bothered me when she suddenly stopped communicating with me.  If I’m delegating tasks, I shouldn't have to babysit you, plus it would be different if I insisted on her doing it—she volunteered.

Like I said, I hope this won’t stay fantasy for too much longer, although if anyone is willing to volunteer for the following:

1.  wedding planner
2.  catering (ahem, Mahogany
3.  actual wedding party participation (not just "Hey, I'd love to," then when it's time, um..."well, you see what had happened was..."
4.  phenomenal DJ 
5.  picture/video taking skills

I’m open…lol.  Although I have thought of just cloning myself but if I don't delegate, I risk getting too overwhelmed with the planning.

This makes me understand why people elope or just do the paper to start.  At this stage, being open to that is no longer off the table,either…lol.

Day 25, that’s a wrap!


Reggie said...

Women and weddings?!? I don't get it. If it were up to men we'd all probably go down to the courthouse and just sign our names on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...
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ABoyd378 said...

Down to the VERY LAST Detail!!! :-)

Thee_Kween said...

I actually never wanted a wedding. I hope whomever MAY become my husband is fine with a small intimate wedding. Hell, I'll even go to the Justice of Peace.