Monday, December 17, 2012

The Body Talks...Recognizing the Fine Line

The last time I worked out was this past Thursday (12/13).  Usually after my adrenalin wears off, I do expect a bit of ache and a bit of burn.  I figured that I would be okay after a couple of days, like I normally am.  However, on my Dec. 13th workout, I didn't do a full routine.  I completed my upper body routine, but as far as lower body, I limited it to ab focus.  I still continued to do cardio.

Since I was supposed to have plans after work this past Saturday, the 15th, I decided to see if I was able to do a bit of cardio at home (via Zumba) on the 14th.  I was able to do a few practice moves and half of a routine before having to stop.  I found myself still in quite a bit of ache.

Then, I discovered that my plans for Saturday fell through, so I figured I'd still be able to do my routine, but my body wasn't having it.  The ache on Saturday has shifted from the leg area to my abdominal area, so perhaps I went a bit too hard on my abdominals, since most of the leg and thigh aggravation was gone.

So I figured my body needed some more time, although attempting again yesterday was quite tempting, but I resisted.

I will give things a go today.  Since I did a partial on Thursday, I will finish up my routine by focusing on lower and cardio.  I will opt either to decrease the weight I'm performing the last set of abdominal exercises on (currently at 80) or decrease the amount of reps from 4 to 3.  I believe I will try the first option and see how that works out.

But I'm still trying to learn that fine line between burn and strain...


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