Friday, November 16, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 30

Workout Date:  Thursday, November 15, 2012
Time: 7:35-9:55 pm
Warm Up: Leg Stretches
Target Areas:
Machine Used-Fly: I did attempt to do 40 pound phase out.  It proved to be pretty successful.  I ended up doing 2@50 and 1@60.
Machine Used-Seated Row:  I am staying on the 1@55 and 2@70 setting.  I will attempt for next time to reincorporate the 85lbs.
Machine Used-Overhead Press (20lb. increments):   I did 1@25 and 2@30.  I think I can safely phase out the 20lb. Weights.
Bicep Curl (no bar):  I did 1@40 and 2@50.
Machine Used-Arm Extension: I was able to do 1@40/1@50/1@65.  I may attempt to phase out the 40 pound for next time, either by doing 1 set at 45 or increasing my 50 set to two.
I opted to do two exercises: the Rotary Calf and the Hip Adductor.
Hip Adductor:  I did 1@110, 1@130 and 1@150.
Rotary Calf:  I experimented with adding 110 to the fold.  It proved to be somewhat successful.  So for now I will do 2@90 and 1@110.  I will keep it at this setting to build endurance.
Ab Crunch (levers): 40 phase out experiment in place—somewhat successful.  On the recline, I did 1@50 and 2@65.  I finished up by doing 1@80 on the levers. 
Additional Machines:
Torso Rotation:  I decided to experiment with doing 2@110 and 4@90.  I don’t think I’m ready to fully get out of the 90 just yet, though.
Ab Coaster: 3 sets (20 reps) with 40lbs. Resistance. 
Cardio/Cool Down:
I did the following breakdown for cardio:
1st set-Fat Burn (TR=130; max HR=170): 10 minutes + 3 cool down= 13 minutes
2nd set-Hill (Level One):  5 minutes + 2 cool down= 7 minutes
3rd set- Cascade (Level One): 6 minutes + 2 cool down= 8 minutes
Elliptical Total:  21 minutes (without cool down); 28 minutes with.  Increased my time on the elliptical by one minutes—up from 20 minutes.
I did the first two settings before my target workouts; the last two after my target workouts.
1st set—5K Setting (3.2 for 1st 5 minutes; rest on 3.0):  12 minutes + 5 cool down= 17 minutes
2nd set—Random (L1 at 2.9): 12 minutes + 3 cool down= 15 minutes
Treadmill Total: 24 minutes (without cool down); 32 minutes (with cool down)
Total Cardio (including cool down):  60 minutes; 45 without cool down.
Thursdays are always pretty crowded in the gym.  I didn’t feel like waiting on the beds to be freed up, so I decided to go back to the apartment.  I have to remind myself if I go to the gym next Thursday (Thanksgiving), I will have to go early because they will be closing at noon.  I do wonder how many people will be trying to work out on Turkey Day.  Let’s see what happens.

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Sounds like a good workout.