Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 3

Day 3: I am thankful that SOS was able to make it back to NY in time for our anniversary.

Considering how bad Hurricane Sandy affected the train and subway systems, I didn't realistically expect him back until next week.

Imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon when news hit that the Northeast Corridor of NJ Transit was running on limited service.

I got in contact with him once I read the news and he was like, "I already got word; I'm making my way back."  It was tough getting from Brooklyn to NY Penn, but once that was situated, everything was okay.  It was great to see him; it didn't fully hit me how much I missed him until I saw him.

Since I worked the 2nd gig, I decided that it'd be best to wait until a day where I had off from both jobs to do something special, which is coming up relatively soon.

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