Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 11

Day 11: I am thankful SOS didn't kill Ma Maow the cat.

Sunday was a very tough day at the 2nd job.  The midday person called out, so I didn't get much of a break to do anything.  My levels were acting funky; I didn't get a chance to eat much.  Overall, I was just feeling a bit exhausted, which I’m wondering whether it’s a side effect of one of the medicines I’m taking.  I looked at the bottle but didn't see it listed.  Perhaps I will look it up online.

I had planned to wash my hair, but since one place’s prices were a bit outrageous, and the place I normally go to was closed, I opted to try to relax.

While I was trying to relax, Ma Maow made an appearance in the room and got on the bed.  This isn’t really out of the ordinary for him to do.  He even laid next to my pillow, which isn’t strange for him to do.

What happened next, however, was.

I don’t even know why the cat did it.  I’m not sure if I can rationalize why the cat did it, but he grabbed one of my front locs with one paw, and clawed the base of my loc, near the scalp, with the other paw.  I yelped in pain and when I got the cat to quit scratching at my scalp, he started pulling on the front loc; SOS dislodged Ma Maow’s claw; the cat tried to hide under the bed, but SOS got the broom and ushered the cat out of there.

The front of my head still hurts some; the cut in the scalp is healing.  I've never had anything like that happen to me—not with any of the cats I've had.  If I was scratched, it was usually justified—like trying to give one a bath (most aren't too fond of water), getting placed in a cat carrier, you know things like that….

But to just be resting and to feel tugging, clawing, and a sharp pain, it just bothered me. 

SOS thinks we should get rid of the cat. 

I guess I should rewind to how SOS and I ended up with the cat in the first place.  I may have covered it in another blog, but feeling a little too lazy to try and dig up exactly where.

It was around the time my grandpa had passed away.  I was getting ready to head down there, in fact.  One of SOS’s former co-workers and his then fiance  (they have since broken up) were in the process of moving and the place they were moving to didn't allow cats.  They had asked SOS if the cat could stay until they found a place which allowed pets.  

At first, I wasn't too big on the idea; I still had Colby and Franklin at the time, which was already one cat too many, plus I was concerned with how Colby and Franklin would adjust to another cat, since it had been the two of them for so long.

As it got closer to time (my preparing to make the drive to MS), I got approached about it again.  The last thing on my mind was making an executive decision on a cat.  I told SOS I would leave it to him.  I was too caught up in my grief and being there for my grandma, so on the day I was packing to head out, the co-worker and the fiance brought the cat over.

So for a good three weeks I was away, so I wasn't around for the whole initial adjustment period, but one I returned, I picked up that Franklin got along with Ma Maow fine, but Colby and Ma Maow stayed at odds, pretty much until Colby and Franklin died last October. 

Then, I struggled with whether I should continue to keep the cat.  Like Ma Maow was there but I could tell he was used to his old masters; I never felt like I could really bond with him.  He wasn't overly affectionate, like Franklin, or overly playful, like Colby.  However, I knew it was unrealistic for me to expect him to fill the void of Colby and Franklin.

So I opted to keep him.  Once it hit home that Colby and Franklin were no longer around, Ma Maow started to become more comfortable with roaming around in the apartment.  He finally got comfortable enough to spend time on the bed.  His behavior seemed pretty mild mannered, but all of that has changed recently.

This incident is the first one of its’ viciousness but it isn't the first time he’s scratched or bit me unprovoked. 

It’s the culmination of these things which makes SOS’s point about getting rid of the cat become more and more valid.  I’m definitely taking it under consideration.  I don’t have paperwork on him because he isn't originally mine, so I’m not sure if I could contact someone about taking him.  Or do the more old fashioned way and just let him loose outside.

But for now, Ma Maow’s no longer allowed in the room.  Little does he know it’s more for his protection than mine.  

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