Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thanks...Day 1

November 1 (Day 1):  Thankful for Surviving (Hurricane Sandy)

I am thankful to those—from family, to friends, to classmates, to acquaintances, heck, even to people who I’ve only interacted with via mutual Internet games we play together—for checking in on me during Hurricane Sandy.

I am thankful that I survived through Hurricane Sandy.  The winds shook the foundation of the apartment building.  Debris flew all over.  Big branches fell all around my car but did not hit my car, which I thought was a miracle in itself.  Trees were lifted by the root and were located somewhere else.  I did not lose power, with the exception of flickering here and there.  

So many people were not as fortunate.  

My prayers go out to those who are without homes, transportation, and power. 

My prayers go out to the people who are working desperately to help those in need. 

My prayers go out to those who still haven’t grasped the full magnitude of the impact of this super storm—that it’s going to take more than a couple of days or a couple of weeks to get everything out on track. 

My prayers even go out to a "certain presidential candidate" who seems to think the cleanup effort is equivalent to cleaning up the trash after a football game—more for me than for him, simply because I had to fight the urge to want to go to where he was making his speech and smacking the taste out of his mouth.


Well, strike that last part...but he does need some prayers, too, not just for that because he seems so out of touch with the suffering of others.


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honeytei said...

I'm thankful that GOD protected my Boo Bear. <3 you *hugz*