Thursday, October 25, 2012

Women...Still On The Fence? Seriously....

This is really, beyond my comprehension....

Why are women still undecided or are voting Republican (with all the hurtful, ignorant and radical things that are coming out of some of their mouths)?  

If there weren't so many radicals with so much power in the Republican Party, I wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't say anything if the candidate for President and his Vice Presidential pick didn't go out of their way to support the rhetoric (no matter how much flip flopping is being done).

However, with so many radicals wanting to put their spin on a “legitimate rape” vs. “illegitimate rape”, trying to make women keep a baby which can serve as a reminder of such a horrendous act, and trying to get Personhood to be the standard, I admit this frightens me.

I don’t care if there are some who are against abortion, but I do care if you feel as if you have the power to take away others rights to have one.  I also believe if there are people who want to have sex before marriage, don’t want to have diseases, or have a baby, they should have the tools in the form of birth control, not have it arranged to where you cannot get access.  Do these radicals really think if you take away birth control, people will stop having sex?  They won’t, and on top of that, there will be an increase in pregnancy, an increase in diseases, and an increase in illegal abortions; all these things put women at risk.

Women shouldn't be willing to risk their rights to choose, even if some women are against abortion and think the only form of birth control should be to abstain.  These radicals are declaring war; women have to be smart enough to fight back.


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