Monday, October 1, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Activity-The Unexpected Long Nap

September 30th: New Activity: The Unexpected Long Nap
There is a difference between sleeping and resting your eyes.  I think for the past few days, I must have just been resting my eyes, and this practice was disguised as sleeping. 
Since I had a full workout yesterday, I opted not to go to the gym.  I got off work, came back to the apartment.  I had some leftovers from yesterday and thought I was going to lay down to do some reading.  I've been switching between 50 Shades of Gray and Dead Until Dark
So I grabbed Dead Until Dark and was reading a few pages.  I set the alarm for an hour later with the goal of getting some more cleaning done. 
When I woke up, it was close to one in the morning.  Guess this was to show me what true sleeping was all about.


Reggie said...

While speaking with a friend yesterday I mistakenly touched her copy of 50 shades of of course, I washed my handed because that book is nasty and filled with nasty things.

No Labels said...

rofl @'s not nearly as hard core as I thought it would be, actually.