Monday, October 22, 2012

My Love of Halloween

Why am I a fan of Halloween?
Well, there's quite a few reasons.
1.  The marathon of horror movies--current and past.
2.  You can find out how creative you can be with food coloring as it pertains to food.
3.  Hay rides, spooky corn fields, haunted houses
4.  You have an excuse to go around the neighborhood and get some yummy candy. (I know it's mainly for the kids, but I bet some adults tag along for some candy, too.)
5.  The abundance of pumpkin and what can be done with it. ( I do love pumpkin pie!)
But the reason, for me, that outshines them all is....
6.  I do like the role playing aspect of Halloween.
To embrace being different.  It gives me a chance to showcase aspects of my personality that may not take the center stage on a day to day basis.
I have accepted a long time ago that I am multi faceted.
Someone reading this may even think this is on some United States of Tara –ish.  (yes, I’m a fan of that show)  But I am a believer that each of us has another side (or multiple sides) of our personality—some, everyone tends to see, and others, are either only meant to be seen by certain people, a special someone, or no one.
I’m a big fan of vampires.  There is something very enthralling about them.  Perhaps because of the eroticism and complexity attached to them.

I love the Anne Rice novels.  I started reading those before they started coming out with the movies.  I thought Interview with the Vampire was hot.  Brad Pitt made one sexy vampire, and I could admire the battle within him—to still cling to humanity although he was made a vampire.
Then, there are movies, like the Twilight Series, that make you want to grab the books.  I do admit, the Stephenie Meyer books I haven’t read yet, but I definitely want to start.
True Blood also has that impact on me.  I recently got the first eight books of the Sookie Stackhouse Series for my birthday.  For those who read the books first before the series, I can understand people’s disdain where the series begins to veer away from the books.  However, I don’t necessarily think the TV version is a bad one, just a bit different.
So, one of my favorite characters to dress up as for Halloween is a vampire.  I could never get the fangs to fully cooperate, but one could tell by the outfit and makeup it was the look I was going for.  I am also down for anything bordering on goth—deep side splits, exotic makeup, long petticoats, as well as fish net and thigh highs.
I also have a fascination with Roman and Greek Mythology.  I got into it during my middle school years.   My favorite goddesses are Aphrodite (Venus) and Athena (Minerva).  A few years back, I dressed up as Athena, goddess of wisdom.
I am also down for anything bordering on goth—deep side splits, exotic makeup, long petticoats, as well as fish net and thigh highs.
Every once in a while, I’m feeling a bit pirate like, but I was disappointed in the pirate costume I got years back.  It just didn’t feel right.
Occupational type outfits also catch my eye, although I have yet to dress up in them. Some examples are (see below):
Are you cold? I can warm you up...
One Top Gun!
The Sexy Send Off!!
I am very glad people are starting to realize there is a definite market for plus sized (I prefer “bodily blessed” myself) Halloween costumes.
Gorgeous Geisha...
I'm about to shut you down!
Where's the Fire?
Some of the internet sites offer such fabulous choices, more so than the local stores.  One just has to be careful about the sizing; to be safe, I tend to get the larger size anyway.
Perhaps I will start acquiring some, especially when it gets closer to off season (since one can start getting them even cheaper) and save them up for some role play (he he he).
We will see what happens.
P.S.  Which outfit do you think suits me...weigh in if you dare (click for the poll)!

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