Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back in the Day

I know this may seem a bit random, but my time at the 2nd gig has made me realize that certain things deem obsolete or near extinction may need to make a comeback or just stick around.  Here are my findings:
Pay Phones
In some households, many people do not have a land line.  Some have given up a home line altogether since many people own a cell phone.
However, has there ever been an instance where you forget your car charger?
Or the fuse that powers the car charger chooses the right time to fizzle out on you?
Even worse, you are using the GPS function on your phone, and you accidentally make a wrong turn, with no way to charge your phone?
Also, what if you are just one of those people who doesn’t own a cell phone?
That is where a pay phone would come in handy. 
Yet, more and more places have removed their pay phones, even at the travel plazas.
I think it is a big disservice.  If any place should have a pay phone, it should be a travel plaza.
I think it is too dangerous to assume if you are in an emergency situation that a person may always let you use his cell phone.  He may just have local calling, and your call is long distance.  Heck, he may not have unlimited or just have unlimited on certain days.  Perhaps he’s just that mean or suspicious.  You never can tell....
Phone Book/Yellow Pages
I know they are becoming obsolete, but if the cell phone is on the fritz and there’s no directory in the information area, an actual phone book can prove to be a life saver.
How many people really have a taxi number on speed dial?  Less than you may think.
Plus, a lot of the local spots may not be able to list on the Internet, so they may go old school and just put it in the phone book.
Also, if you can't afford weights, they make a good workout.  You can do bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses...use your imagination.  Especially those New York yellow pages.
Tampon/Napkin Dispenser
Not everyone’s cycle is predictable.
Remember when you could just have a coin, run into the bathroom, and you can get a tampon or sanitary napkin?
Is it just me or have I not seen those around lately?
The ones I have seen look like they haven’t been stocked in ages.
Even if you try putting a coin in there, it eats the coin but doesn't give you anything out.
Or the coin just comes back out, as if to say, “Did you really think something was in there?”
The women’s bathroom in the travel plaza doesn't have them, so females have to run in the store to pay an outrageous price for a package of 2 or 10 napkins/tampons.  It’s not like they are going to walk around free flowing because they need to stop the leak.
Free Travel Maps
I remember when I would travel on the road, a lot of the stops on the highway would have an information booth.  You could find a free map of the state you were traveling in at that booth.
I’m not talking about a guidance book of the local mall or hotel and attractions coupons.
I’m talking about an actual road map.
For free.
I guess we can blame smart phones, GPS, and trying to cut down on paper production, but I don’t see a whole lot of places offering free maps anymore.
I think it’s a shame.
Maps at the travel plaza I work at range from $5.95 to almost $20.00.  The $20 is for the comprehensive atlas type maps.
However, I feel if you don’t travel a whole lot, why pay $6 on a map for a place you’re only going to go through a handful of times or not much at all?
I’m glad I've saved all my free maps!


Reggie said...

How much would a pay phone cost these days?!?

No Labels said...

I have no clue, Reggie.