Thursday, September 6, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Thing-Styled Locs

September 6th:  After day gig, traveled to Hair by Nedjetti for my hairapy at 6PM.  This was the end result.

I ended up getting some of my locs trimmed, primarily in the front.  Then, I got two of my renegades (those which were too thick to latch with others, but didn't nearly have enough length) repaired.

I saw a picture of this style...a curly loc hawk--very bold, especially for me, but it intrigued me.  The thing I didn't realize was the fact that my hair, at the beginning, was longer than the model it was put on.

So the challenge was to be able to pull off the style without it feeling overly heavy.  I do like Nedjetti's rendition of it.

I believe the toughest challenge I've run into is sleeping in them, and sometimes, I forget about the height of the updo, so when I go to sit in my car, I have to be careful that the bun doesn't hit the top of the car.


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