Sunday, September 9, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Food-Sonoma Turkey Flatbread

September 9th: I tried the Turkey Sonoma flatbread from Quizznos.  It is rather flavorful, although the guy who was making it for me wasn’t being entirely truthful as it pertains to the Chipolte Mayo.  

I asked him if the mayo was very hot because I was about to tell him not to put it on there.  If I eat things which are too hot, it causes me a great deal of heartburn.

He tells me, “It’s not hot at all.”  

I felt some significant heat, not unbearable but more than I was used to.  However, I think it would have done the flatbread a great disservice if none was on there.

I think I will tell them next time--light on the mayo.  And get some more water to go along with it.


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