Monday, September 17, 2012

Practicing My T's: New Food-Pan Seared Turbot with Vegetable Couscous

September 13th: Pan Seared Turbot with Vegetable Couscous

The presentation of the dish was amazing! I never had this type of fish before.  Perhaps this is why...

Found on menus in the whitest of white-tablecloth restaurants, turbot (pronounced tur-bet) is a favored flatfish for discerning chefs.

I believe that is fancy speak to mean that turbot is expensive.

It had a very light flavor and the couscous complimented it quite nicely.  Out of the things I had at this restaurant, known simply as The Steakhouse, this was definitely the best part of the four course meal.

Along with the fish, I had salad (which was very good, but the Red Wine Vinaigrette was a bit sweet).  I passed on the clam chowder, since I am a fan of the white, and they only had the red with shrimp mixed in.  Not only do I not eat the red chowder, but I only like shrimp in certain instances.

The apple dessert (which was also new for me), although tasty, was a bit rich after a few bites.

On the taste spectrum, the fish and the couscous was perfect. 


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