Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 7

Workout Date:  Friday, August 24th
Time:                  8:45-11:00pm

Featuring Guest:  Someone Special J

Warm Up: Cardio with Someone Special (smiles)

Target Areas:

Machine Used: Chest Press—I performed 3 sets; 1@10 and 2@30.  The 10lb. Resistance I have started getting used to.  I am still feeling my way around the 30lbs. 

Machine Used: Fixed Pulldown—I performed 3 sets; 1@25, 1@40, and 1@55.  The 25lb. Weights felt relatively easy, so I may opt to do 2@40 and 1@55, rather than to do 1@25 and 1@40.  I will experiment and see what happens.

Machine Used: Rear Deltoid—I did 3 sets; 1@10 and 2@30.  I attempted the 50lb. Weights but it was hard for me to even perform 2, so I’m not quite ready for that level of increase.  I will keep it as is for now until I’ve gotten fully adjusted to 30lb. Weights.

Machine Used: Arm Curl (with bar)—I tested out doing the 70lb. Weights but I felt tremendous strain.  I just performed 3 sets—50lb. Weights.  I have gotten accustomed to the 30lb. Weights, so if I were to do the 30 again, it would be just one set and I would do the other 2 at 50lbs.

Machine Used: Arm Press—I decided to challenge myself.  Initially, I put that I was going to performed 1 set at 50, and 2 sets at 70.  I ended up doing 2 sets at 70, and 1 set at 90.  There is slight strain on the 90lb. Weights but I don’t know if it’s enough to have me stop.  I may just keep that final set at 90, just so that I can build up my endurance.

3 Machines:  Leg Curl, Hip Adductor, and Rotary Calf

Leg Curl—I am getting used to doing the curls with 50lb. Weights (2 sets), but I am feeling a bit of strain as I was performing my last set at 70.  I will do the last set at 70 again to test if it’s too much strain.

Rotary Calf—I was able to perform 2 sets at 50, and 1 set at 70.  I will keep it at this setting for next time.

Hip Adductor—I pulled off 2 sets at 90; 1 set at 110.  I will keep it at this setting for right now.
At the encouragement of the guest, I ended up splitting this between the reclining one and the machine labeled Abdominals.  

This occurred because although I was performing one exercise fairly well at 30lb. Weights, I was facing quite a bit of trouble attempting it at 50lb. Weights.  

So the theory became whether I could do that type of exercise at 40, but I’d have to go on a different machine—the dreaded reclining ab. Machine.

Machines Used:  Ab Crunch (reclining)—1 set at 40lb. Weights.  My abdominals were humming but I wasn’t feeling a lot of strain.

Abdominals (behind Torso Twister)—1 set at 30lb. Weights; 1 set at 50lb. Weights.

Additional Machines Used:
Torso Twister (for working the love handles)—I performed my usual 6 sets—4@70 and 2@90.  I am starting to get used to the 70, but not quite ready to fully graduate to the 90, so I will keep steady.

Ab Coaster—3 sets of 12 (40lb. Weights); 1 front; 1 left side; 1 right side.

Cool down/Cardio:
Bike—I put it on Quick Start and was able to be on there for 14 minutes, 3 minutes for cooldown

Treadmill—Kept incline at 1.5 and maximum mph was at 3.4.  I was able to do a total of 32 minutes; 5 minutes for cooldown, 27 minutes for actual workout.

Other Things Attempted:
With the help of my guest, he was able to show me the proper way to get on the Dip/Chin Machine.  It was the one it looked like you had to climb just to get on it.  

I am not saying I will never work out on the machine; I just want to wait until I become stronger upper body wise.  Plus, having someone there to guide me helps to.

I also did a bench press for the first time (shocked face).  The theory is true—whatever weight you can do on the machines, you have to decrease it by about half or more.  I attempted to do a 45lb. Bench press, and I was like “No,” because I couldn’t fully get the bar up.  Then, I tried 15, which I was able to do but after about 5 lifts, I started to get tired.  Once it was bumped down to 10lbs., I was able to do a full set. 

The Hydromassage Bed was quite welcomed after the workout.  I really appreciated having some company, although I don’t think he and the treadmill get along so well.

View on Friday workouts:  Not nearly as crowded as Monday-Thursdays.  I don't think Friday overtakes Saturdays or Sundays as far as the comfort level, but it comes close behind.


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