Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fit On Tracker: Progress Report 5

Workout Date:  Saturday, August 18, 2012
Time: 8:30-10:30pm

Important Updates: 
After doing some research (and wanting to experiment), I have decided to play with increasing my resistance on the 2nd or 3rd set of 12 rather than usually waiting until the next time I work out. 

So for example, let’s take the Fly exercise.  In my last entry, I suggested that instead of doing all 3 sets of 12 at 50lb. Weights, which felt awkward and a bit more painful than anticipated that I would decrease to 2 sets at 30lb. Weights and only do the last set at 50lb. Weights.

When I write the entries, you may see me abbreviate it as 2@30 (meaning 2 sets at 30lb. Weights) and 1@50 (meaning 1 set at 50lb. Weights).  I will also indicate whether I deemed it too little resistance, just the right amount for now, or too much.

Also, unless I indicate otherwise, assume the sets I’m doing are in bits of 12 (since you may not see me write “3 sets of 12” out anymore.  When I first started, I was initially doing bits of 10, but that was mainly on the day when I was trying to figure out the machines and just on the first entry.  If I decide to go back to 10 or increase my repetitions to 15, I will note it. 

Warm Up: Leg Raises

Target Areas:

Machine Used: Chest Press-I did 2@10 and 1@30.  I will play with doing 1@20 and 2@30 the next go round.

Machine Used: Close Grip Lat. Pulldown-I noticed near the free weights section there is a machine that better allows one to do close grip pulldowns.  I will update my older entries to reflect the changes.  I performed 1@15, 1@20, 1@25.  For next time, I will do 1@15 and 2@20.

Machine Used: Overhead Press—I did 2@10 and 1@20.

Analysis:  My body is starting to get used to the overhead press, so I may possibly push it to 1@10 and 2@20.  I will experiment on that and report on my findings.

Machine Used:  Arm Curl (no bar)—I did 2@30, 1@50.  I am continuing to stay put.  My biceps still don’t feel quite comfortable at 30lb. Weights.  Perhaps that will change after the next workout.

Machine Used: Arm Press—I performed 2@50 and 1@70.  I’m starting to get the hang of the 50lb. Weights, so I may possibly do 1@50 and 2@70 for next time.

I did 2 machines:  Leg Press and Leg Curl

Leg Press—I did 3 sets of 12, 2@70 and 1@90.  The 90lb. Weights are still feeling a little uncomfortable but it’s providing me with more burn than the 70lb.  I will play around with adjustment next workout.

Leg Curl—I did 2@50 and 1@70.  I will stay put for the time being.

Machine Used: Ab Crunch (upright): I performed 1@30 and 2@50.  I believe I will stay on this setting for the time being.

Additional Machines Used:
Torso Twister/Rotation (for working the love handles)—I did 3 sets of 12 on each side: 2@70 and 1@90.  Not overly strenuous, but I’m not going to push my luck on the 90lb. Weights.

Ab Coaster—3 sets of 12 for the front, left side, and right side.  Noticed there was resistance of 30 but I didn’t remove it.  I seemed to do all right with it on there.

Cardio/Cool Down:
Bike (Quick Start)—I was able to perform 9 minutes on the machine (includes 2 minutes of cooldown). 

Treadmill—I did 27 minutes on the treadmill (includes 5 for the cool down).  I opted for the Quick Start option.  I operated on a 1.5 incline and steadily increased to 3.0 for mph.  I do note that at one point, it was harder for me to stay on the 1.5 incline, so at one point, I did drop it back down to 1.0, but the mph I kept steadily increasing.

Out of all the days I've worked out (and I think the only days I haven't done workouts are on Thursdays and Fridays), Saturday remains my favorite day.  Will that change if I ever get the chance to do those other days?

Two words: Stay Tuned.


Reggie said...

I walk long miles on the weekend for exercise and occasionally I will lift weights. I never lift more than fifty pounds though, because I'm not trying to get buff, I'm just trying to avoid moobs (man boobs).

No Labels said...

I understand.