Friday, August 17, 2012

Come To Me Naked: Prelude (Soul Cleanse 23)

Psst…hey You…come here

Come to me NAKED.

Take off Your Hat. That hat is only there for appearance's sake. You know you don't really like hats.

Take off Your Coat. It covers up too much, suppressing Self for the sake of strutting like a peacock.

Kick off Your Shoes. Your feet must be hurting from sidestepping all the questions people ask to get to know You and stumbling when You can't remember all the stories You've told.

Yeah, everything else MUST go, too….Anything covering You.

Because I'm not that chic who's going to require You to be a supermodel.

I'm not that lady who holds You on an Unrealistic pedestal of perfection.

I'm not that woman who expects You to come to my doorstep empty handed. We all have our sets of baggage…some fits in a garbage bag, others in a garbage truck. But does it deter You from getting to know someone new? 

I will not let it deter me in getting to know You…

Yes, appear before me NAKED. 

For I want You in Your Truest form. Your most honest. If You come at me that way, then I can decide in advance if You are in alignment with my core. The core that I expect from anyone who wants to be someone significant in my life (friend or otherwise). 

If You are not, then I'm not going to waste my time or Yours. I will tell You, and I will probably tell You in a way that by the time You realize I've just cut Your lifeline, I will have hung up the phone, walked away, or signed off from e-mail/messenger.

But if You are…

I will stay in contact. May not always be every day or even every week. But if I hit You up, that does mean something. 

I will, at some point, want to meet You. I say this because I've encountered so many folks who want to keep it in Cyberspace. If so, that's fine. I'm not going to hate, but realize that I will not let You get as close to me as those who are trying to get to know me. 

So if You are ready to be NAKED….

Come to me.

I'll be waiting...

Come To Me Naked

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