Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving (You & Me)

Loving you is easy,
But loving Me is so damn hard!

Where I see a grey hair,
You see a highlight.
Where I perceive unevenness,
You deem it, “Just right.”

Where I notice tarnish,
You say, “It just needs shine
To get back to the radiance
It had in its’ prime."

Where I find a wrinkle,
You say, "That little line?
I can hardly see that.
I think it’s all in your mind!”

Where a little extra cushion
Has formed over time,
You claim, “Thickness is bringing sexy back!
And you look super fine!”

Yes, loving you is easy
Because you are the closest epitome
Of what unconditional love should be.

So thank you
for loving me so easy
as I learn not to make loving me
so damn hard.

Loving (You and Me)
© April 2012

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