Monday, January 16, 2012

Ebbs & Flows: Last Week in Review

Best word to describe my frequency on the Net:  sporadic.

Best word to describe this past week: erratic.

Relaxing Sunday was anything but.  During the time I was working, I discovered that jewelry isn't as sturdy as it used to be.  Somewhere between moving around crates of soda and putting them in their proper slots, a stone got dislodged; it was so small I couldn't locate it.  And it had to be one of the rings that is of utmost importance to me.  So I spent most of the day feeling very sad and hoping that I could find a place that could not only replace the stone but not charge a whole lot of money for it.

Monday.  I normally don't go into downtown.  I hate driving in it and having to deal with parking.  So rather than drive, I decided to do something I hadn't done in a while, which was walk to downtown, which is about a mile or two away from where I live.  I wasn't sure whether I would be energized enough to walk back but I wanted to give the walk to the destination the good old college try.  Also, I could talk to the local jeweler about replacing the stone, send back a bra that was way too small, and cash two money orders I had received for Christmas.  The sweetie tagged along with me.

Normally, my legs would get very tired when I get close to the 300 block, but this time, I didn't experience the exhaustion.  I took that as a good sign.  It also helped that I loaded lots of songs on my phone to listen to; it helps to take my mind off of the walking.  It helped the sweetie was with me as well.

I finally got to the local jeweler who could not only place back the diamond but gave me a reasonable price and time frame.  I was very happy this special piece could be restored to its' original luster.  Plus, during that time, I could go by the post office since it was a few blocks further from the shop.

Journeyed down to the post office and got the bra ready to re-ship.  Then, I asked the sweetie for the envelopes.  He was like, "Which ones?"  I'm like, "The ones that had the money orders in it."  He's like, "I left them at the apartment."  At first, I thought he was punking me until I realized he had actually left the money orders at the apartment.

Annoyed doesn't even begin to cover it.

So, to make up for it, he told me to wait at the post office and he would journey back to get the money orders, which finally made it in my hands about 45 minutes later.  Once that was done, I was feeling a bit cold (and it was also quite windy that day), so the sweetie treated himself and me to some hot chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts, which was quite yummy and really hit the spot.  In hindsight, I should have gotten a large instead of a medium because I ended up drinking most of the sweetie's extra large after I finished off my medium one.  He also decided to buy me some earrings at the jewelry shop.  I told him he didn't have to but he saw me glance at them; he sensed that I wanted them.

It started getting even colder, so I opted to take the bus back.  But I was very happy at the end of the day for lots of reasons:  1.  I was able to walk over a mile (even though it had been ages since I had done that type of walk)  2.  My ring got fixed.  3.  I got new earrings.  4.  I was able to cash my Christmas gifts.  5.  I got hot chocolate that was very yummy.  6.  I sent back a bra in the hopes that the third time will be the charm.

Tuesday was a very interesting day.  I had been doing some research for  a while concerning doing something different with my locs.  They have gotten quite lengthy.  Sweetie measured one of them and said it was about two feet, and that isn't even the longest one.  So with them being so lengthy, washing and moisturizing them can be a challenge.  As far as doing extensive styling, it had been part laziness but also because I was trying to figure out different ways to style them.  I wanted to get some inspiration.

So I checked out a few You Tube videos on different locs styles; one of my favorite channels is chescalocs.  She has a good sense of humor; she's very genuine and she has a lot of cool styles that she showcases.  There were three that really caught my eye...ones that are like, "Hey I can probably do those because they don't look that hard."  One of them I didn't get the material for, so I would save it for next time.  But the other two, I was like, "If I can't get one, then I will try the other one."  And since most styles are best when the hair is wet, I could get my hair washed, re-do my roots, and do a style at the same time.

I was very happy the sweetie assisted me in washing my hair, particularly doing a deep cleanse that I found on the channel I mentioned to help get out the buildup.

After that, I was on my own to do the styling.

Trying to do the Bandu (Bantu) knots, although simple in the tutorial, some of my locs were being ultra stubborn.  They would stay for a while and then totally come undone.  Not just one of them, but several.  After many attempts (and absolutely refusing to use loads of bobby pins), I decided to switch to the second idea, which were the loc knots.  About two and a half hours later...I guess it could have been an hour and 45 minutes if I didn't have to keep stopping, I was finally finished.

So...the fruits of my

I can't say I remember too much about Wednesday, except feeling rather tired and in pain.  It seems like the colder it is, the more my joints and my back start to act up.  I'm trying to figure out what clothing I'm going to wear to the Women of Color Leadership Academy thing I got accepted to a month ago.  I like doing my preparation ahead of time.  Everything started to hit me when I started getting e-mails about meeting up and I wanted to get in gear.  My mind was in motion but my body was like, "Hell, no!  Not today."  So I had to listen to it, although I felt like I was wasting time in not getting a start on things.

I was so proud of myself that I remembered my nutritionist appointment was at 9:30.  I learned to use the reminder/appointment thing on my phone.  I woke up only to discover that they had rescheduled my appointment to Tuesday (tomorrow at 9:30).  However, because of my trip, I will have to cancel and make it for another day.

However, once I was fully up, I couldn't quite get back to sleep, so I opted to get some laundry out of the way.  Once all of that was done, it was around one and I ended up napping until about six.  I was still feeling sluggish but a little better that laundry was done.  I also got some exciting news that the place I was doing the temp gig at is about to have a new position they are advertising for.  They encouraged me to send in my resume for consideration.  I told them to send me the details of the position, and if I felt like I'd be a great fit, I would send in the resume.

For most, Friday is the end of the work week.  At the job I'm working, it's the beginning of mine.  Usually Friday-Sunday.  I got the particulars of the Operations Manager position as well as a position that came in at the temp agency while I was on the job.

It's a lot quieter without Red head being there but at least things are going a lot smoother.

I remembered not to wear the ring that just got fixed.  I just don't want to take any chances on anything happening to it. That, and one other ring...another ring that was given to me recently, had the stone come out of it.  The other rings I've had for years..well I never had that happen with them at all.

I got great feedback about my hair, since they hadn't seen me since Sunday (I had washed and styled it on Tuesday).  On the You Tube channel, the lady usually takes hers out after a week.  But I'm going to try to leave them in for two, since the longer you leave the knots in, the wavier/curlier the hair is once they are down and the longer they last.

I wish I could have had one of these Saturday because it was very sluggish at much so, the big boss sent me home a few hours early.  I didn't feel too bad; it gave me more time to get prepared for the upcoming trip, which starts on Tuesday and winds down on Thursday.  The excitement is now starting to hit.  I've never been on Amtrak and have never been to that part of Pennsylvania before.  Although it's going to be rainy and cold, I'm happy to be part of the experience.  I miss traveling, experiencing new things.  And although the sweetie never gets tired of being around me on a consistent basis, I am a person who sometimes needs her space, time, and breathing room.  So this trip could also be described as being "Right on Time."  Plus, I do admit, I'm not used to someone wanting to be around me or never tiring of my company.  It feels good to be wanted, and to know that you are an interesting person to someone.  But I am also respect a person's right to be along, to do his own thing, to have his own friends and his own life, because they existed before I came along.

And although some women would love their sweeties' to always want to be around them, I do admit I'm the opposite.  I encourage him to have his own activities, his own friends; he doesn't have to be at the apartment all the time.  Therefore, if he is around, he is because he wants to be, not because I am making it mandatory.  But I am seeing that he is really more of a homebody, and if he's doing things, he'd rather be doing them with me than anyone else.

Let me wind this down.  I have to get up early in the morning.  I opted to leave the laptop at the apartment. because (1) it won't fit in the bag.  (2) I have Facebook and Blogger on my phone in case I do get tempted to want to write something (3) I'm going to bring paper and pad in case inspiration hits me.

If I do blog again, more than likely, it will be after I get back from Harrisburg.


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