Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Musical Truths, Day Three~Love

3. Which song best describes your bond with your kids, significant other, or if you don’t have either one of those, your closest/best friend?

Well, I have to think about my current building situation when speaking of this one.  The reason I chose the song I did was that I really didn't see this coming.

I was in a five and a half year union that didn't work out.  I had a relationship after that which had its shares of ups and downs.  So for a while I was just chilling.  Then, this person really came out of nowhere. 

I admit I was very resistant because of all I had been through.  Lots of people spoke about unconditional love, including the person I was involved with the longest.  But even that person wasn't truthful, and spending the rest of our lives with each other was discussed.

So I believed there was a lot of smoke being blown in my face at first.

Yet, this person is still sticking around.

No, no....Nobody's supposed to be here.

But I am glad he is.

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