Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Four, Photo Challenge~Low Angle

Resident Cat-Ma-Maow
4.  Low Angle

Well, living in the attic of a house does have its' advantages.  It makes it a little easier to pull of a low angle shot.  However, one cannot predict whether your subject will stay still for his shot.

Ma-Maow is the resident cat...meaning that I'm just watching him until his original owners find a place that allows cats.  He loves to walk along the banister, which makes it hard to get a good shot of him.  But I did the best I could with him...guess it made for an interesting shot.

If anything, one can wonder what Ma Maow is looking at.

(laughs to self)

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Reggie said...

Our cat Magnolia (Maggie) scratched me on the nose last week. It was deep and painful as hell. If I had some Asian neighbors I'd have dropped her off as a gift, last week.