Friday, July 29, 2011

No Labels Presents...30 Days of Musical Truth

30 Days of Musical Truth

I've been feeling so inspired by the Love & Truth Challenge and the Erotic Truth Challenge, I felt moved to come up with one of my own (or a variation of it if this challenge is already out there) and will be starting it in August.

30 Days of Musical Truth Challenge:

In addition to Love, Truth, and Eroticism, Music is another one of those things that is universal.  Every where a person goes, you are guaranteed to hear some type of music.  What is music to some may be noise to someone else.  Songs can also relate to different points in a person's life.

This challenge seeks to draw out the connect between music and your experience.

Not stamping a month on it; I only ask for thirty days. Yes, you can choose more than one song if you cannot settle on just the one and describe why that particular song/songs.

Day 1.  Which song would serve as your introduction?  (to the world, blog reader, friends, this challenge)

Day 2.  Which song best describes your relationship with your immediate family (mother, father, siblings)?

Day 3.  Which song best describes your bond with your kids, significant other, or if you don’t have either one of those, your closest/best friend?

Day 4.  You’re on a date where the only highlight was the place he selected.

Day 5.  You’re out on a date you sense the final destination will be horizontal or on top. (winks)

Day 6.  Which song would represent the best sexual experience ever?  If you haven’t had it yet, one from your fantasies?

Day 7.  Which song would represent your worst sexual encounter?  If you haven’t had one yet, which song would play to represent if you had one?

Day 8.  It’s extremely hot or cold.

Day 9.  Battling traffic to and from wherever you are headed.

Day 10.  Getting ready to go to work or looking for work.

Day 11.  You’re doing your workout routine or trying to get motivated to exercise.

Day 12.  At work, you’re dealing with a customer , co-worker, or boss who pisses you off.  What song goes through your mind? (any stage of this engagement will do)

Day 13.  Your boss tells you that "your services are no longer needed."

Day 14.  You just experienced a death in the family.

Day 15.  You’re trying to decide which magazine to buy at the check lanes but you are clearly in line.  You are so busy checking out the titles that you don’t notice until it’s too late that someone cut in front of you .

Day 16.  The landlord wants his rent money; it’s day twenty and your money is going to be delayed for another ten days.

Day 17.  Someone has borrowed money from you and has been ducking and dodging you for weeks in regards to payback.

Day 18.  You are having a very off day and just don’t want to be bothered.

Day 19.  Your child does something to violate your trust; what soundtrack would mark his/her Doomsday?

Day 20.  Someone is talking shit about you on the Internet (face book, my space, twitter, etc.)

Day 21.  Your worst breakup ever~what wound be the main song on the soundtrack?

Day 22.  The very people you thought would hold you down at your worst have abandoned you.

Day 23.  You were in a deep state of anxiety, fear, and depression but you are slowly but surely coming out of it.  What song marks your revival?

Day 24.  You are on a dream vacation.

Day 25.  You are about to indulge in your favorite food or drink to wind down.

Day 26.  You’re feeling your sexy; name that tune.

Day 27.  You’re getting cabin fever from being in the house and just want to get out for the night.  What’s your joint?

Day 28.  Someone who hurt you in the past comes back for a second chance.  Depending on your response, what’s the song?

Day 29.  Dedicational song to the person/people who always had your back?

30.  Compose your own song.  Describe the type of beat…or what song it would be similar to.  What would be the lyrics (of if its’ going to be an instrumental explain why).  What would be the title?  Also share what, if anything, you learned through this challenge.

I do invite you to come along for the read, especially if you wish to take part in it.



As the Budda Flows said...

i love it..imma jump right in in the morning...

Thee_Kween said...

I'll do it after the Photo challenge...I can't do two right now.